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   Chapter 21 Competition

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But he didn't ask and they sat quietly in the car.

After a while, the car was stopped in front of a villa. She got out of the car and followed Harold in. Judging from the decoration style, she knew that it was Harold's villa in K City.

"Harold, why do you suddenly ask me not to live in the dorm?" Asked Wendy in confusion.

Harold couldn't answer this question, either. When he heard that Ken and Wendy were talking about living in the club, he bluntly refused the proposal without thinking twice.

"Harold?" Noticing that Harold ignored her, Wendy turned to look at him with clear eyes.

Since there were still many puzzles on Wendy, he had better to keep her under close watch. Harold found an excuse for himself in his heart.

"Nothing." He said coldly and turned to go upstairs.

Confused, Wendy scratched her head and followed him to the second floor.

Harold opened the door of his room and stopped. He turned around, frowning, as if asking her why she had followed him into the room.

Wendy knew what he was thinking about, so she asked hastily, "Well, where is my room, Harold?"

Harold called the servants over and asked them to take Wendy back to her bedroom.

Lying on the bed, Wendy stared at the door of the guest bedroom in silence.

She had to be reborn again. Even though she had chosen a different path, she still met him again.

Now he was just a wall away from her.

"Oh, I have to make a plan!" Wendy jumped out of the bed, took out pen and paper on the desk and began to make her plan.

Now the most important thing for her was to earn more money from car racing to pay for her mother's medical expenses. Then, she must make Harold fall in love with her again.

Wendy wrote three pages fluently.

The servants had prepared the dinner and asked her to have it. She looked at the familiar dishes on the table, which were all Harold's favorites.

Wendy was full of energy as she had just finished writing the plan. Out of habit, she picked up some food to Harold's bowl and said, "Harold, eat more."

Harold frowned and cast a cold glance at Wendy. If his eyes were a knife, she would be killed into pieces immediately.

The servants behind Wendy widened their eyes at her, feeling awkward.

Wendy's hand holding chopsticks stopped in midair. Realizing what she had done, she quickly took her hand back and said, "Uh, I..."

Harold glanced at Wendy's chopsticks and the food in his bowl, his face showing disgust.

"Change the bowl."

"Yes, sir!" The servants immediately took the rice out of Harold's hand and filled another bowl with rice for him.

Wendy lowered her head to eat obediently, complaining in her heart, 'Harold, you are so troublesome when you are young!'

It was very quiet during the meal, not talking while eating.

At that moment, the phone rang. It was the phone in the living room rang.

A man in black walked quickly to pick up the phone. After inquiring the identity, he returned and said, "Mr. Harold, it's for you."

Harold put down his chopsticks and walked into the living room. Soon, a joyful laughter came to Wendy's ears.

She suddenly turned her head to the living room, only to see Harold's bright smile to the person on the other end of the phone. They were talking about something. After her rebirth, she had spent so many days with Harold, but she had never seen him smile!

Who was on the other end of the line? Is it a boy or a girl? In her memory, she was actually the

first love of Harold. Had he cheated her in the previous life? Thought Wendy as she bit her chopsticks with jealousy.

"I have something to deal with in K City. I will go back to the capital in half a month." Harold said.

"Take care."

"Ok." After hanging up the phone, Harold went back to the dinner table.

Wendy was nervous but she asked casually, "who was that? I just saw you smiling happily. Is it a boy or a girl? "

"It's none of your business." Harold said coldly.

With her chopsticks touching the rice, Wendy answered casually, "Just asking."

With the dishes on his plate, Harold glanced at Wendy who was depressed. Thinking of what the doctor said, he thought for a moment and explained, "it's a man."

Wendy's hand holding chopsticks paused. Harold was trying to explain to her!

She turned to look at Harold with a big smile and said, "well! It's a man! " Wendy began to have her meal in a good mood.

Thinking of Wendy's thoughtfulness as a child, Harold heaved a sigh.

In the early morning the next day, Harold's subordinate drove Wendy and him to the Dragon Racing Club.

It was the first day for Wendy to join Dragon Racing Club formally. She took over the new team uniform to change into it. She was wearing the red team uniform like the sun in the sky.

"Oh my God! You scared me! Why are you standing here? " When Wendy came out of the fitting room, she was shocked by a figure. She saw Jack leaning against the wall blankly looking at her.

Jack stood up and walked up to her. Although he was a few years younger than her, the sharpness in his eyes made people ignore his age.

"Now that you joined our club, I hope you can work hard and don't waste our seats." Before Wendy could reply, he turned around and left.

Wendy was left speechless and stood still. It seemed that he was worried that she would be a drag on them so that he showed his poor attitude to her yesterday.

Wendy's lips curled into a smile. She could see Jack's love of racing. She wouldn't let everyone down.

Wendy went to the training ground, and the coach came out to say hello to everyone and they began to exercise.

In addition to skills, the most important thing was physical quality.

The coach asked them to do stretching exercises to relax their muscles.

Then he led everyone to run on the track. When they were about turning the corner, the coach stopped and watched with eager eyes at Wendy, and began to analyze and explain how she managed to pass the curve yesterday.

After his analysis, the teenagers all looked at Wendy with adoring eyes.

It was not difficult to know the knowledge about the bending point, but it was the most difficult to master the actual operation.

Many racing drivers with inferior talent would run crazily and remembered the muscle memory of their hands through constant operations. In this way, the muscle would react first when turning the corner, so that its time could be shortened gradually.

They all came to the finish line. The coach who had been praising Wendy's performance the day before also pointed out her wrong operation strictly.

"Wendy, I don't think this is your limit. If you can start faster, I think the time will be shorter. " The coach said in a serious tone, "next, Wendy, you have to train your reaction ability well!"

"Wow!" Upon hearing the coach's prediction, the teenagers were shocked and looked at Wendy.

"Okay!" Wendy nodded.

"Coach, let's compete, shall we?"

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