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   Chapter 20 Found A Treasure

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"Wendy has sped up!" Seeing the go-kart get closer to the corner, Ken frowned and said worriedly, "there is no sign of slowing down. If she don't slow down now, the go-kart must slip at the current speed!"

Ken then shouted over his intercom and all the staff around him ran towards the first corner.

If Wendy's go-kart turned over, they would have to run to the rescue immediately!

Ken turned to look at Harold, who was calmly staring at the screen. Mr. Harold didn't look nervous at all? Wasn't he afraid that something bad would happen to Wendy?

"No way!" As soon as Ken finished speaking, the go-kart sped up crazily on the track slowed down and smoothly made the first turn.

"What!" The team members sitting behind him all gathered around, looking at the screen in disbelief.

Ken hurried to ask the staff to turn the video again. He widened his eyes in surprise and said, "Wendy didn't step on the brake, and slowed down the car. She released the accelerator and made the wheel smooth to the ground! A smooth turn! Mr. Harold! Has she really never learned how to drive? "

Looking at the go-kart constantly sped up on the screen, Harold didn't say a word. He nodded, but there was something unreadable flashed in his eyes.

As he noticed the calm look on Harold's face, Ken felt slightly awkward. He withdrew his gaze from him and focused his gaze back on the screen.

"Wow! Oh my God! The second lap she is so fast! "

"It seems that she is faster than Jack!"

"Hush! Don't talk nonsense! " Casting a glance at the back of Jack, they whispered.

In the second lap, Wendy ran much faster than the first one. Everyone craned their neck to look at the second chronograph in Ken's hand.

"The second lap! Two minutes and ten seconds! " Ken said in surprise.

"Oh my God! The speed of the second lap is only two seconds behind Jack's best result! "

"I don't believe she hasn't learned how to drive. It doesn't seem like she doesn't!"

"The third lap she is still accelerating! This is going to break the record! "

After driving along the long-lost track, Wendy was very excited. She planned to hide her driving skills. She didn't expect as she ran faster, she became more and more concentrated on driving.

She was so concentrated on the track that she forgot all the other things.

After passing the last corner, a man not far from the front was shaking the black and white flags, which represented the end.

Again, she stepped on the gas and sped up.

"Phew!" Her racing car passed the finish line!

"One minute and fifty-eight seconds!" Ken's eyes widened in disbelief!

"What? Did you press the stopwatch in advance, Ken? "

"It's impossible! The third lap she can still speed up more than ten seconds? "

When the third lap was over, Ken's eyes switched constantly between the track and the stopwatch. He was one hundred percent sure that he didn't press the button in advance.

The racing engineer beside them also smiled in excitement. "Ken, we've found a treasure!"

"Hahaha!" Sitting next to Harold, Ken smiled and said, "Mr. Harold, Wendy is too modest. Is her skill just so-so? That's great! "

Harold didn't respond. He saw Wendy drove her go-kart back, then took off her helmet and smoothed her hair.

She was wearing a bright smile on her face which was sad several days ago. The smile was so clean, so bright and so energetic. It was a smile that Harold had never seen before.

He was somewhat absent-minded.

As she always did, Wendy looked for Harold in the crowd. Their eyes met.

Her heart did a flip. 'Did I expose myself as I was driving?'

With a guilty conscience, Wendy looked away. "Ken," she called.

"Wendy, have you ever learned how to drive?" Ken stared at her in disbelief.

"Well, I really haven't learned it. I only saw how others operated it when I was a child, and no one taught me." She continued lying through her teeth.

The teenagers looked at her with their eyes turning from disgust to admiration. Seeing this, Wendy knew things big.

"You seem to be very talented in racing. You broke the record of our club when you ran for the first time. You are awesome!" Ken then chatted with Wendy for a while.

The racing engineers were also very interested in this new member at the "big age". Although she was a little older, she was gifted and skilled.

The engineers immediately copied all the videos that had just been shot to the computer and took them back to the office to study and analyze the data.

"When will you move in the club, Wendy?" asked Ken.

"Well, today..."

"She doesn't live in the dorm." Harold said in a cold voice.

"What? Doesn't live in the dorm? Our club is far from the downtown. Wouldn't it be troublesome to run back and forth every day? " Asked Ken, frowning.

"Not at all." Harold said coldly.

Wendy turned to look at Harold strangely. Didn't he agree her to live in the dorm after joining the Dragon Racing Club? Why did he change his mind now?

Harold didn't explain. He looked at Ken and asked, "is there any other mission today?"

"Today I just want to know more about Wendy and let her know some team members. Tomorrow we can start the training in the club." "Wendy has good skills, but racing is a competition which requires a lot of physical energy. You will know it when you have formula racing in the future," explained Ken

Of course, Wendy knew why there was no female racer in F1 formula, mostly because of physical condition.

The F1 racing car would produce a few centrifugal forces. People would feel a force that dragged them back desperately. It was absolutely impossible for an ordinary person to drive steadily in this situation.

When Ken left, Wendy said hello to other team members. They were so warm-hearted except for Jack.

Quite a few people were questioning Wendy about how she could make such a good record. Of course, she couldn't tell them she accurately measure the angle and gave them an answer now. She could only pretend to be ignorant and said, "well, I don't know either. I just drive casually."

The answer from Wendy nearly made the members stunned. The answer was too arrogant and provocative.

She waved goodbye to the club members and got into the car. They didn't go to the private hospital of Sane at once. Wendy asked, "where are we going, Harold?"

"Go home."

The word made her suffocate. She turned to the window and looked at the scenery outside.

The excitement on Wendy's face disappeared. Harold frowned in confusion.

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