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   Chapter 19 A Long-lost Track

Queen Of Racing: Rebirth And Revenge By Gu Jian Characters: 6338

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"Jack, will she stand us up today?" One of the club members pouted and asked.

"If she dares to play trick on us again and again, I will teach her a lesson after she join the club!" Jack Huang clenched his fist and said angrily.

A black MPV drove slowly to the entrance of Dragon Racing Club. Ken said to his team members in a hurry, "Stand straight and show everyone's mental status."

"Yes, sir!" Everyone responded in unison.

A few teenagers looked directly at the people sitting in the back seat of the car window.

"Wow! It seems to be Mr. Harold! "

"Mr. Harold? Who is he? "

"Mr. Harold, you don't know? The Harold from the capital! "

"HX Group? No! Oh my God! HX Group is going to sponsor our club? "

"I think so! There is a woman sitting next to him. It seems that they were telling the truth a few days ago. The new comer is a woman. But isn't she too old? "

"Humph! It is such an old age for her to learn how to drive! It's too late! " Jack snorted.

Upon hearing the noises from the club members, Ken lowered his voice and said, "Hush! Be quiet! "

"Ok, Ok!" Everyone shut up.

Wendy and Harold got off the car together. She felt a little disappointed when she looked at the kids who were a few years younger than her.

She was old

The best age to learn karting was the age of 4 to 5. It was too late for her to start karting. Kids at her age had already took part in Formula Renault.

In her previous life, Wendy was in a club abroad. She didn't know which level these kids were in.

"Mr. Harold!" The manager, Ken Wang, shook hands with Harold respectfully.

"Hi." Harold responded coldly.

"This must be Wendy, right? Welcome to Dragon Racing Club. " Ken looked at Wendy up and down secretly.

"Hello." Wendy said with a nod.

"These are your team members. I will introduce you to each other sometime later. That is the reception room. Let's go over there and have a seat."

"Hello." The team members reluctantly greeted Wendy.

Wendy noticed from everyone's look that they were not satisfied with her.

Since it was the first day to the club, Wendy decided not to make trouble. Pretending that she didn't see any hostility among them, she followed Ken to the reception room.

The team members followed them, one reached out to hold Jack's sleeve and asked, "what should we do? That woman was brought here by Mr. Harold. We can't afford to provoke... "

"You are afraid of him, but I am not!" "Let's wait and see." Jack snorted


In the reception room, the staff put the hot tea on the table.

Ken asked, "Wendy, have you ever driven a go-kart?"

"Um, what is the go-kart?" Wendy asked with confusion.

Now, Harold was sitting next to her. If he found out that she knew well about racing cars, he would probably be suspicious of her.

Hearing Wendy's question, Ken and team members in the reception room looked at her with confusion.

When Ken heard this, he calmed down quickly. He pointed to a corner outside the window and said, "there's a go-kart over there."

Wendy walked to the window and looked at it. Soon she sat back and shook her head. "I

haven't driven it."

"It doesn't matter. Can you drive? Just an ordinary car. " Asked Ken.

"I only drive once." Her words were very honest.

"Once?" Ken's eyes twitched with anger.

"You are a green hand?" Jack couldn't help but ask.

Noticing the obvious disgust in Jack's eyes, she nodded her head and said, "well, I have never learned to drive, but I drove a bus several days ago. So I think I can drive."

One of the subordinates in the reception room noticed the weird atmosphere there. He stood up and generally told the situation about Wendy.

She had never learned to drive. She drove a bus by chance and found that she could drive well, so she wanted to learn racing.

How could a person who had never learned to drive say that her driving skills were good? People would think she was bragging!

After thinking for a while, Ken said, "how about you go to the training ground and have a try?"

"No problem."

On the training field, Wendy put on her helmet and sat in a go-kart. Ken walked up to her and briefed her about the equipment of the go-kart. When he saw her learning seriously, he felt relieved and said, "Wendy, don't be afraid. You don't need to run too fast. You only need to run three laps."

"Okay, I know."

"Don't be nervous. Take it easy." Ken raised his hand and patted Wendy back gently. Then he left.

"Ready!" Ken said through the intercom.

At this time, Wendy was alone on the track. While looking at the green lights not far away, she clutched the steering wheel.

She thought she would feel dizzy and want to throw up again, but she didn't. She was very sober now.

She, she was back!

The five green lights turned on one after another, and then the green lights turned red. When the lights were off, Wendy came back to her senses and stepped on the gas.

Ken and his members' eyes widened as they stared at the woman on the screen. Just as she set out, Harold heard a mocking voice from behind. "Wow, didn't she start too slowly? "

Harold turned a deaf ear to the words as he gazed at Wendy's receding figure. The scene of being chased by the killers appeared in front of his eyes.

It was Wendy's first time to run on a strange track, so she didn't have to run fast at the first lap. She had to remember the track pattern in her mind so that she could figure out the best turning point.

But her speed was too slow, the club members thought.

They whispered to each other, "is she sure that she has never driven? Except that her speed seems a little slow, it has not been wrong so far! "

"Not bad."

Seeing Wendy's car driving over, when it crossed the finish line, Ken pressed the stopwatch and said, "the first circle, two minutes and thirty-seven seconds."

"What a good result! It was almost the one in the middle of our team. " Those who had been somewhat dissatisfied with her after seeing her performance were not as annoying as before.

Jack wanted to say something, but eventually gave up.

When she finished the first lap, Wendy adjusted the gear and sped up. Right in front of her was a straight track with a length of about eight hundred meters.

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