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   Chapter 18 Boyfriend In The Dream

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The doctor bit her lower lip for a while and said, "Wendy said her boyfriend in her dream looked exactly like Mr. Harold..."

"Poof! Cough cough! " Charles, who was drinking tea, couldn't help spraying all over the ground.

Harold also looked at the doctor in surprise. It was the first time that Charles had seen him in astonishment since he knew him for so many years.

Charles couldn't help laughing and said, "Congratulations, you are lucky! What's the taste of Wendy? Why does she like this cold man? "

When Sane saw that Charles began to talk nonsense again, he picked up the papers beside him and hit Charles on the head.

"Ouch! Grandpa, why did you hit me? I didn't say anything wrong! " Charles said unconvinced, "my mouth is so sweet, and I'm handsome. I can also please women. Why does everyone like him but not me! I really don't know if women nowadays are all blind! "

"What kind of love do you know, you brat? When can you focus on study and management? Then I will so happy!" Sane cursed helplessly.

Charles rubbed his aching head and said pitifully, "this is not good. If you are too happy like a madman, mom and dad must beat me up."

Only then did everyone realize what Charles meant by "happy". Sane was going to continue to educate his grandson.

Harold put away his surprised expression and asked, "why?"

The doctor shook her head and said, "maybe Wendy felt that you had a sense of security. From her conversation with me, I can feel that she cared about you and trusted you very much."

After listening to the doctor's narration, Harold thought of the strange eyes he had seen in Wendy's eyes several times before. Did she see him as her lover in her previous life?

It was not that Harold didn't have pursuers. He had always hated these people who pestered him.

But somehow, he had a strange feeling when he thought of the pitiful look of Wendy.

"Can she be cured?" Harold asked with a frown.

"In terms of communication with her, she is very positive and wants to cure her own. Patient guidance and drug treatment should be able to cure her in one or two years. " The doctor estimated conservatively.

"One or two years?" Charles looked back at his grandfather in surprise and said, "then won't she be able to join the racing club?"

Sane thought for a while and looked at Harold. "Since Wendy trusts you more in her heart, you can talk to her tomorrow and let her not have too much psychological pressure. Tell her she need to cure the illness first and then make money slowly. She don't have to give the money back to me now. "

After thinking for a while, Harold nodded and said, "okay."

Sane took over the drawing from the doctor, and his eyes flashed with astonishment. "It can be seen that Wendy is really interested in cars, but I don't know what happened to her when she was a child, and she has such a serious psychological shadow."

"Grandpa, haven't you found any information from your investigation?" Charles asked in confusion.

"No, it only said that when she was a child, her head was hit by a flowerpot, and she began to have carsickness after leaving the hospital."

After hearing what the doctor said today, although some strange actions of Wendy made sense, there were still many doubts about the mother and daughter.

Why there was no information about Sara before she gave birth to Wendy? Who wanted to kill them? Why did Wendy have paranoia? What on earth didn't they find out?

"You can leave now."

"Ok!" The woman bowed to them and left the office.

Wendy had a dream in which there was no blood and deafening explosion.

Her mother in the dream was still so gentle and beautiful. They came out of the house, and Harold's car was waiting downstairs.

It was the first time that she took Harold to see her mother. They went out to have a walk in the wild happily. The three of them talked and laughed all the way.

In the dream, they were so happy and beautiful. Wendy smiled when she dreamt such a sweet dream.

On the second day, listening to the joyful chirp of birds outside the window, Wendy opened her eyes.

Today, no one came to ask her to have a meal. She went to the dining hall alone. After the meal, she went to her mother's ward. When she heard the nurse say that her mother's condition was good and didn't get worse, she nodded at her with a smile and said, "thank you."

"You're welcome. If you need anything, you can ask me for help."


After the nurse left, Wendy looked at her mother through the glass.

'Mom, you must get better! You can't let me go! I have no family in the world except you! You must be better!

I will find the one behind the scenes to avenge you!'

"What makes you suffer will make you strong."

The footsteps sounded. Wendy turned around and saw that Harold was walking towards her.

When Harold got up, he wanted to ask Wendy to have breakfast. Unexpectedly, he didn't find her in the room. He heard that the staff passing by said that she had already got up and had breakfast and went to the ICU, so he casually had some breakfast and walked over here.

She had a very serious mental illness. Would seeing her mother's appearance aggravate her condition?

Thinking of this, Harold quickened his pace and came over. When he approached, he found that Wendy was very strange today. She didn't cry or feel sad, and her face was very calm.

The mental state of the whole person was very different from before. He thought that the doctor's guidance yesterday might have some effect.

Wendy nodded and asked, "have you had breakfast, Harold?"


After answering the question, the two looked at each other, and the atmosphere became awkward.

Wendy rolled her eyes and asked, "what's your plan for today, Harold? Continue to be in the hospital? "


"It's boring to be in the hospital. How about we go to the club today?" "I'm sorry that I stood the club manager up yesterday," said Wendy shyly

"Another day." The reaction of Wendy yesterday was seen by Harold. He told her the decision of Sane yesterday.

Wendy was very grateful. She shook her head and said with a smile, "Thanks for Sane's kindness. I felt much better after talking with the doctor yesterday. How about we have a try?"

There was no hesitation, fear or anxiety in Wendy's clear eyes. Harold nodded and took her downstairs.

In the parking lot, Harold looked at Wendy and saw her calmly sitting in the car. He raised his eyebrows slightly.

When Wendy got into the car again, she was in a calm mood, without the restlessness and suffocation as usual.

The driver started the car. Wendy rolled down the window and closed her eyes, feeling the breeze on her face.

Harold raised his eyebrows in surprise when he saw that there was nothing wrong with Wendy.

In the Dragon Racing Club, Jack Huang walked towards the door with a cold snort: "I heard that the new comer have come. Let's go to see who she is."

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