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   Chapter 14 Guilty Explanation

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Sane was also a little surprised at Harold's action. Soon, the doctor came to have a check and asked Wendy to take some painkillers.

Wendy was also tired. Under the effect of the drug, she fell asleep soon.

Sane and other people turned back to the office. The nurses also left the ward with a sigh of relief. The ward was quiet again.

In the office, Sane looked at Harold and asked, "What do you think?"

"It doesn't look like a disguise, but Wendy is full of weirdness!" Harold raised his eyebrows and said, "Did what she said that she killed her mother proved what we guessed?"

Sane couldn't figure it out, but to be conservative, he ordered, "The mother and the daughter should be investigated again, and the movements of Derek's wife in these days should also be investigated."

"Yes!" The man in black nodded respectfully and left.

Sane looked at the unfinished chess game in front of him and said with a smile, "Harold, let's continue to play chess!"


"It should be your turn, right? Oh, no, no! Why is there another black piece here? "

"When he came to report just now, I dropped the black piece here!"

"No way! I didn't see it. It was a violation! Let's play it again! " After saying that, Sane messed up the chess pieces before Harold agreed.

Charles sat aside and looked at his naughty grandfather. He said with a smile, "If you lose, you lose. You even play dirty."

"You little brat! What do you mean by playing dirty?" Sane picked up the stack of documents and patted them on Charles's head.

"Oh! It hurts! " Charles rubbed his head and looked at the silent Harold, feeling speechless.

Who on earth is the grandson of his grandpa? He is too cowardly!

The sky ablaze with fire, the sound of violent explosions, and the blood on the ground rose before Wendy again and again.

In her dream, she sped up helplessly to catch up with the car in front of her, looking at her bloody mother and Harold's exploded car.

Who on earth was so vicious! Who on earth was going to kill her! "No! Don't leave me! Mom! Harold! No!"

"Wake up." A cold voice appeared in Wendy's mind.

Someone patted Wendy on the shoulder. She woke up gradually and looked at a familiar face. Wendy was so excited that she pulled Harold over and held him in her arms, crying.

Harold got stiff, and his body reflexively tried to push Wendy away. But when the hot tears fell on his arm, he was slightly stunned and quickly reacted. He reached out and patted on the back of Wendy, saying in a cold voice, "It's just a dream."

Wendy continued to cry out her pressure in these years.

She had thought that if she chose a different path, there would be different results. But now she still met with Harold, and her mother had an accident.

But now the situation is much better than the three of them died miserably on the mountain road in the past. Fortunately, her mother was still alive, good!

It took Wendy a long time to stop crying. She sniffed and raised her head from Harold's arms with embarrassment.

Harold didn't like strangers to get close to him. She was a stranger to him now. It was a great gift that he didn't kick her away.

"Did we know each other before?" Harold ask

ed in a cold voice.

Wendy was startled by Harold's sudden question. She looked up abruptly to see if he would be reborn with the memories of his previous life, but there was still only coldness in his eyes.

Wendy shook her head with regret and said, "We don't know each other."

Harold didn't believe that. In the eyes that had been looking at him just now, he felt the girl's love for him... yearn? Expectation?

She said she didn't know him, but judging from her reaction, she obviously knew him. Otherwise, she would not have called his name when she had a nightmare.

But no matter how Harold recalled the past, he didn't expect to have any memory related to the girl.

He was sure that he didn't know Wendy.

"How do you know my name?" Harold asked coldly.

Wendy was stunned and thought it was bad! What should she do!

"Well, this..." Wendy rolled her eyes and made up a story: "I heard Sane call your name on the day of the accident, so I knew it."

"Sane didn't say my name on the bus," Harold said with a cold voice.

"No! Sane called your name. I heard it myself. You must have remembered it wrong. " Wendy lowered her eyes with a guilty conscience and said stiffly.

Harold looked at Wendy's expression and didn't debunk it, but he was more suspicious.

"Why are you here?" The atmosphere in the ward was a little awkward. Wendy casually found a topic.

"Don't you want to see your mother?"

"Yes, yes! Can we go now? " Wendy looked at Harold expectantly with her bright eyes.

"Well, let's go!" With his hands in his pockets, Harold got up and went out.

Wendy immediately jumped off the bed and quickly followed.

They couldn't get into the ICU. Looking at her mother wrapped in gauze through the glass, Wendy couldn't help but shed tears again.

The doctor on the side probably told Wendy about the current situation of Sara. There were many comminuted fractures on her body, and her brain function was seriously damaged, with internal hemorrhage.

At present, the injury has been temporarily controlled, but whether it will get worse or not still needs to be observed.

After standing outside the glass wall for a while, Wendy followed Harold to the office.

Looking at the amiable old man sitting in the main seat, Wendy bowed to Sane gratefully, "Thank you!"

"Don't say that. Wendy, come and sit here." Sane smiled and waved to Wendy.

Wendy sat down obediently. When Harold questioned her in the ward just now, she knew that her words and reactions when she was out of control must have made them suspicious.

Sure enough, as soon as Harold sat down, he asked straightforwardly, "What do you mean by saying that you killed your mother in the ward yesterday?"

Wendy was speechless and didn't know how to answer. She couldn't say that the three of them had been murdered in their previous lives. In this life, she chose a different path, but accelerated the process...

"Wendy?" Sane looked at Wendy lowing her head and didn't know what she was thinking.

"Ah? Oh! I, I am regretting why I cried yesterday! If I didn't cry, mom wouldn't come to comfort me so that she would see the car hit us in time. That's what I mean. " Wendy explained guiltily.

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