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   Chapter 11 Some Clues

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In an elegant coffee shop, the waitress looked at the man sitting in the corner alone with confusion.

The man had been sitting there for almost an hour. He looked at his watch from time to time. Obviously, he was waiting for someone.

Looking at that man in a stiff suit, the waitress walked up with a perfect smile on her face and asked in a soft voice, "Sir, do you need a cup of coffee?"

"Uh..." Looking at his watch again, Derek thought for a moment, nodded and said, "OK, a cup of latte, please."

"Okay." After Derek finished his words, the waitress saw that Derek looked at his watch from time to time, or turned his head to look out of the window. He had no interest in her at all.

The waitress was somewhat unreconciled. She smiled again and asked, "Sir, are you waiting for someone? I think you have been sitting here for a long time. "

When Derek turned around and saw the smile on the waitress's face, he understood immediately what she wanted. He nodded and said, "I'm waiting for my wife."

"Wi... wife? I see. "

He had had a wife. The waitress smiled in embarrassment and then left the room.

Quickly, the coffee was placed in front of Derek. He took a few sips, frowned and murmured, "Why hasn't Sara come yet? Is there something wrong? "

After another half an hour's waiting, there was still no trace of Sara. Derek paid the bill and drove to the house Sara rented in the city.

Looking at the dark house, Derek seriously stopped the neighbor passing by and asked, "Hello, have you seen the family in this house?"

The neighbor recalled, "The mother and the daughter seemed to go to the supermarket."

"Oh, I see. Thank you." Hearing that Sara took her daughter to the supermarket, Derek felt relieved.

When he thought of the day when Wendy questioned him if he was spying on them, Derek picked a faraway parking space and stop the car there.

He sat on the driver's seat and looked at the gate of the community.

In Derek's home, Jade Wang looked at the clock on the wall and asked with a frown, "It's strange. Why didn't Derek come back at this hour? He didn't have a meeting today, did he? "

Lowering her head, Alina Zhou said, "I guess he have to deal with his work."

"I'm old. I feel sleepy after sitting for a while. I'm going to bed. Alina, you don't need to wait for Derek. Go upstairs and have a rest." Looking at her virtuous daughter-in-law, Jade said lovingly.

"Don't worry, mom. I'm not sure if Derek has eaten or not. I'll heat the food up if he hasn't eaten yet." Alina said with a smile.

"You are right. When Derek is busy he always forgot to eat. Thank you for taking care of him." Said Jade, gratefully.

Smiling, Alina shook her head and said, "Mom, you need to go to bed now."


After watching Jade go upstairs, Alina turned her head and looked at the clock on the wall. The smile on her face disappeared.

As time went by, there were few pedestrians on the road.

'Did I not notice just now that Sara and Wendy have returned home?'?

Derek got off the car and walked towards Sara's house. It was dark inside. He thought for a while and knocked at the door, but nobody answered.

The supermarket would have been closed at this time. Sara was a light sleeper. He had knocked at the door for a long time, so it was impossible for her not to open.

Moreover, they had made an appointment to meet at the coffee house tonight, Sara would not

stand he up for no reason. Even if she had something urgent to deal with, Sara would call him and tell him that she would be late.

Not daring to guess any more, Derek called 110 nervously.

Sara and Wendy were both gone. No one knew where they were.

The monitoring of the road hasn't been applied yet. It was very difficult to find Sara and Wendy.

The police had already begun to investigate, and Derek could only anxiously go home to wait for news.

"Snap!" As soon as Derek opened the door, he saw Alina sitting in the living room. He frowned and asked, "It's late. Why don't you go to sleep?"

Without answering Derek, Alina took his briefcase, smiled and asked, "Why are you so late today?"

"I have something to deal with in the company." Derek untied his tie and answered coldly.

"Well, have you eaten? If not, I can heat the food for you. "

"No need to. I have no appetite." Derek shook his head and went upstairs.

With his briefcase in her hand, Alina followed, "How about taking a bath? How about I fill the bathtub with hot water for you? "

"Ok." Without looking at Alina, Derek took out the cigarette case and lighter from his pocket and walked to the balcony.

When Alina walked out of the bathroom after filling the bathtub, she saw the anxious look on Derek's face. With eyes darken, she pretended that she didn't see anything wrong with him, and quietly said, "The bath is ready."

"Ok." Derek stubbed out the cigarette and went straight to the bathroom.

After Derek had gone, Alina turned off the lights, lied in bed, looked at the bright moon hanging high outside the window and heaved a deep sigh.

After taking a bath, Derek tossed and turned in bed, thinking about the whereabouts of Sara. He wondered whether she was in danger.

In the next morning, when Jade saw her son's gaunt face, she asked in surprise, "Derek, you don't look good. Didn't you sleep well last night? "

"Nothing." Derek was about to go with his briefcase.

"Hey? You don't want to have breakfast? "

"I don't, mom. Enjoy yourself."

"Where are you going in such an early morning? And don't have breakfast either. You... " Before Jade finished her words, Derek opened the door and went out.

Hearing the car driving away, Jade looked at her daughter-in-law in confused and asked, "Alina, what's wrong with Derek? He looks a little weird. "

"Maybe he has some matters to deal with in the company. How about having some green bean soup? It's so hot recently. Green bean soup will help you relax. "

"Oh, you don't need to make green bean soup for me. Just let the nanny do it." Holding Alina's hand, Jade said with a smile, "I'm glad you are willing to help. But you don't have to do it yourself. If you have nothing else in the afternoon, can you go shopping with me? "

Alina nodded with a smile. "Okay."

At this moment, some clues had been found in police's investigation when Derek drove to the police station.

Last evening, Sara and Wendy involved in a gunfight. The mother and daughter had a car accident when they left the police station in the town in P County. They were sent to the People's Hospital in the city.

The car accident suddenly made the heart of Derek tighten. He drove all the way to the hospital. He broke into the emergency room and hurriedly asked, "Where are the mother and daughter sent here because of the car accident yesterday evening? What happened to them? "

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