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   Chapter 10 A Storm

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With a heartbroken look on her face, Sara looked at Wendy up and down. After confirming that her daughter was safe, she immediately ran to the store nearby and bought a bottle of water. She quickly squeezed Harold out of Wendy and patted her back gently to calm her down.

Sane also got off the bus. he looked at Wendy and asked in confusion, "What's wrong with her?"

Sara frowned and sighed, "She has been carsickness since she was a child. She vomit every time she take a car. I was wondering why she didn't faint today, but I didn't expect she still vomited. "

Wendy took the water bottle from her mother and rinsed her mouth. She gasped and shook her head. "I'm fine, mom. Don't worry."

Sara was intimidated by the damaged bus. "Wendy, you really scared me! You never learn how to drive. How dare you touch the steering wheel? And why do you drive? "

"Well I... " She was rendered speechless.

Hearing Sara's question, Harold raised his eyebrows. He turned to look at Sane and exchanged a knowing look with each other. Then they all turned their eyes on Wendy.

It was impossible for Wendy to say she was a racing driver in her previous life. She rolled her eyes and made up an excuse, "I used to observe others' driving. I followed them in accordance with my memory. I didn't expect that I could really drive."

Harold frowned tightly. It was obvious that this answer was not true. When she was on the line of life and death just now, the fluent turns of the bus and the drift without hesitation was obviously not learned from what she used to see.

"Didn't you vomit every time you took a car before? Did you still have the energy to see how the driver drove? " Sara asked in confusion.

Wendy didn't know how to answer her mother's questions. She looked at Harold nervously, who turned to look at Sane naturally. "Sane, please wait here. I'm going to call the police."

"Okay, be careful." Nodded Sane.

'Doesn't Harold hear my mom's question? Does he doubt me?' Wendy thought in her mind.

"Wendy?" Noticing that her daughter was distracted, Sara waved her hand in front of her.

When Wendy came to herself and was about to find an excuse to cover her lie, a local passer-by happened to see the broken bus and approached them, "How come? Sara, didn't you move to the city? Why do you come back again? "

"It's a long story." Sara's heart sank when mentioned it.

"What's wrong with the bus? Many glasses broke. "

A few onlookers noticed that the bus didn't look right and went up. When they saw the dead body and the blood all over the ground, they screamed and ran away. "Ah! Blood! Someone fell down in the bus! "

"Call the doctor!"

A kind-hearted person immediately ran into the small clinic to look for a nurse. Several nurses immediately ran into the bus and quickly carried the person out.

"Wow! Why there is so much blood? "

"Didn't you take this bus back, Sara? What happened? "

Hearing the man's words, the crowd surrounded them with gossip at once. Sara had no choice but to make a simple summary of the incident.

The policemen arrived soon after they received Harold's call.

Because they were in the same bus with the dead, they

all had to go back to the police station to be investigated and do some notes for record. After that, it was getting dark.

Sane looked at Wendy, saying with a sigh, "Thanks to you, little girl. Otherwise, Harold and I wouldn't be able to stand here."

Wendy pretended to be shy and scratched her head, "It doesn't matter. I drove the bus by accident."

Sara asked, "You are going to travel here. Is your luggage in the hotel?"

From the way they dressed, Sara could tell that they were not just common people.

"Yes, the luggage is all in the hotel." Replied Sane.

"Do you know the route to go back?"

"I just don't know how to go back. There are not many buses in this small town." Said Sane, frowning.

On the muddy road, there was not a trace of a bus.

"At this moment, there's still the last bus from the town to the city. You should wait about more than ten minutes."

"If we stay in the police office longer, we have to stay here tonight." Said Sane with a smile.

Sara and Sane were talking agreeably.

The thought that she would have to separate from Harold by the coming bus made Wendy sad. She looked at Harold in the eye reluctantly.

The young Harold is even colder than he used to be in her memory.

She knew how warm Harold was under his cold look. She thought of the day when he got involved in the car accident for her, and the way she was living now which was different from her previous life. She also thought that they had to part again now that she had made great efforts to meet him.

The teardrops rolled down her cheeks uncontrollably. Harold felt the burning gaze beside him and frowned tightly. Then he turned his head and just looked into Wendy's eyes, which contained something he did not understand.

The cold eyes of Harold startled Wendy to come to herself. She turned around hurriedly and wiped her tears.

"Wendy, why are you crying?" Noticing that her daughter was crying for no reason, Sara asked worriedly.

"I, I just feel a little scared when I think of what happened today," Wendy explained.

Sara was freaked out. She could understand how Wendy felt. She reached out and rubbed her hair on top of her head, comforting, "Police will arrest the bad guys. Don't be afraid, Wendy! What would you like for dinner? I will cook for you! "

"I have no appetite. Could you make some porridge?"

"Okay!" Sara looked at the bus coming and smiled, "Here comes the bus. Let's go home."

"Yes." Wendy nodded. She took a deep breath and looked at the direction where Harold was.

They were going to be apart. Would they see each other again in this life? She had no idea.

"What? Wendy! "

"Watch out, Sane!"


In a flash, Wendy was pushed away by a great force before she could realize what had happened.

"Ah!" Her head bumped into the floor. It hurt so much that she gasped in pain.

She opened her eyes to see what happened, but a sharp pain shot from her head. When she was in a coma, she vaguely saw her mother lying in the blood.

Harold was quick to react. He grabbed Sane's hand to escape the disaster. Both of them stood up from the ground and saw the bus ruthlessly pressing on Sara and sped away.

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