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   Chapter 9 Crisis Ridden

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The bus was still moving forward fast because of the inertia. Wendy looked up stealthily and saw a turn not far away. If she couldn't control bus now, it would hit the department store in front of them.

Thinking of her mother and Harold's miserable death in her previous life, Wendy glanced at them. Did the God want her to be reborn and go to hell with everyone again! No! No! No!

The sniper didn't shoot again after he killed the driver. She didn't know if the killer was still hiding in the dark waiting for others to emerge, or they had already gone out of the shooting range, so the snipers didn't shoot.

She struggled to free herself from her mother's grip and sat down on the driver's seat.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!" The bullet broke through the window at the back of the bus and the glass scattered all over the ground.

The passers-by on the road was also shocked when they heard the crack of glass. They looked curiously at the bus speeding crazily.

"Wendy! what are you doing? Come back soon! It's dangerous there. Come back quickly! " Sara shouted in horror.

With her hands on the steering wheel, Wendy quickly turned it, changed the gear and stepped on the accelerator. She smoothly drove the bus through a curve.

If not for Wendy's control of the bus in time, none of them could have escaped from death!

The picture of her mother and Harold's tragic death in her previous life flashed back in her mind again. She quickly glanced at the blood on the steering wheel. Her hands trembled slightly, and she once again felt sick.

Wendy took a deep breath to control her sick feeling. She couldn't throw up now. She didn't know how many people were still in the dark and she couldn't stop the bus.

Through the rearview mirror, Wendy saw her mother wanted to stand up and walk towards her. She hastily shouted, "Harold, help me stop my mom!"

Hearing the name being called out by an unacquainted girl, Harold slightly frowned, but he still grabbed Sara immediately.

Sara couldn't get rid of Harold's grip. She shouted anxiously, "Wendy, come back soon. It's too dangerous!"

"We'll be dead if no one's driving. Mom, please hide yourself well, I'll be careful!" Wendy shouted as she sped up the bus again.

All the passengers, who were waiting at the bus station, stood up from their seats when they saw the bus coming. However, they didn't expect that the bus to drive forward as if the driver didn't see them at all.

"Stop! Stop! Why didn't the bus stop? "

"What's wrong with the driver? Why didn't you stop the bus since so many people stood there! Complain him! He refused to take passengers! "

"Wow, I just saw a teenage girl sitting in the driver's seat."

"Are you kidding me? 'a teenage girl? Is the driver out of his mind? "

There were not many vehicles on the road. Wendy easily drove to the town.

The man in the hotel's room said on the intercom, "There are still people in the bus. The bus has left the shooting range."

"Fuck! Go back to your team, and we'll execute in the second team! "

"Got it!"

The domestic vehicles were not so good at that time. It was really difficult for Wendy to drive such a big bus. She stepped on the gas hard and her foot was almost numb.

The road was full of bumps and hollows. As she controlled the bus, Wendy had to be careful of the bullets shooting from the dark.

There were undisguised cars following them behind. Wendy changed gear and sped up!

Harold looked up at the mountain as fast as lightning, trying to find the figure of the ambushing killer. He felt that they would not give up so easily.

From the mountain, a light suddenly reflected in h

is eyes. Harold calmed down and said quickly, "be careful. The direction is three o'clock."

Harold's words did not yet finish, Wendy's body reacted immediately, and she turned the steering wheel.

"Bang!" The rear-view mirror on the right side was immediately shattered.

"Fuck!" The second team saw through the gun sight that their target was already blocked by the bus and vanished from their vision. He had to aim at the bus's tires to force the bus to stop.

"Go left!" Harold guessed their intention and immediately said to Wendy.

If the right front wheel was punctured, the bus would severely turn right. If the driver slammed on the brake, the bus would deviate to right immediately, and then it could turn around and rush to the road or even turn over.

If they wanted everyone to die, blow off the tire was a wise choice. The impact caused by the front tire was much more serious than that of the back one. Not far ahead was a big turn. The killer fired a few shots, but Wendy managed to dodge several shots from them.

Thinking of this, Wendy suddenly pulled up the brake and locked the back tire. Because of the high speed, most of the force of the back tire was lost.

"Hold on tight!" Wendy shouted.

The bus turned sharply. Sara was thrown out and crashed into the backseat.

"Ah!" With tearful eyes, Sara stared at the thin figure in front of her. Her eyes were full of disbelief.

Wasn't her girl always dizzy? Why did she drive? When did she learn to drive? She don't know anything about it!

"Bang!" The person in the grass fired two shots but to the ground.


"What the hell! How come they can know where I will shot? And run so fast! " The members of the second team cursed angrily.

"Report, the second team failed."

"Damn it! Is the third team in line?" There was a roar of anger coming from the intercom.

The bus sped along the mountain road, raising a cloud of dust, blocking the sight of the cars behind.

The third team was driving in hot pursuit. Seeing the distance between the two vehicles farther and farther, the team members took out their pistols and aimed at the bus in front of them, aiming at several shots.

But the bullets missed as they didn't reach the shooting range.

The third team watched the bus disappear in the distance and reported on the intercom, "We lost them, sir."

"A group of waste. Retreat!" The angry voice came through the intercom.

In the bus, although there had been no gunshot for a long time, Wendy dared not relax her vigilance. She did not slow down the bus at all.

Harold looked around and whispered, "We should be safe now."

Wendy drove the bus and went away. Until she arrived at the door of a small clinic, she pressed the brake and stopped the bus.

Wendy leaned against the chair, gasping for air. Her clothes were all wet from head to toe.

Sane stood up and said to Harold, "Send the driver to the clinic now."

Glancing at the dead body on the ground, Harold shook his head and said, "He was already dead."

Ignoring the dead body on the ground, Sara ran to Wendy anxiously. She cried and asked, "Wendy, did you get hurt?"

"Mom, I'm fine. I......" Noticing the tears on her mother's face, Wendy was about to comfort her. But when she saw the body on the ground, the sickness suppressed in her heart finally surged up.

She rushed out of the bus and ran to the tree by the roadside to vomit.

Harold frowned and got out of the bus as well. When he saw the girl's painful face, he looked up at her and wanted to take a gentle pat on her back.

Before he could put his hand on her back, Harold's eyes widened in surprise.

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