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   Chapter 8 Meeting Again

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Because of her carsickness, the house her mother rented was not far from the supermarket. Wendy helped her mother carry the stuff and slowly walked home.

The mother and the daughter walked along the street, talking and laughing. Suddenly, she caught a glimpse of a figure on the bus. She opened her eyes wide in disbelief.

Her body reacted more quickly than her brain. When she came to her senses, she found that she had jumped into the bus.

Before the driver could close the door, a face popped out and startled him. "Fuck! That's so scary! If you want to get on the bus, you can ask me to open the door. If I closed the door just now, you would have bumped into the door. It doesn't matter if the door is broken but if your head is damaged, you will die! "

The driver was chattering without stopping. However, Wendy didn't pay any attention to his words. She was stunned and just stared at the man in the bus seat.

Was it her illusion again? No, this should not be her illusion!

Since Wendy's gaze was so affectionate, Harold withdrew his gaze from the scenery outside the window and looked at her.

She looked into the familiar eyes, saw the cold hearted man, the caring man, the man who was killed in a exploded car crash for her.

Harold looked at Wendy in silence with a frown.

Sara was confused. She followed Wendy into the bus and asked, "Wendy, why did you suddenly take a bus? It's not far from here to our home. We can walk home. And we don't have too many stuff to carry. Wendy? Wendy, you are crying! Are you feeling uncomfortable? "

All of a sudden, when Wendy turned around, she was already weeping. As soon as she regained her composure, she wiped the tears on her face. Lowering her head, she said, "Mom, I am fine."

"Hey, are you going to take the bus or not?" The driver shouted with dissatisfaction.

With pity, Sara took the stuff from Wendy and said, "let's walk home."

"Don't worry, mom. Let's take the bus home." Wendy's eyes turned red. She glanced at Harold from time to time.

Sara sensed her daughter's abnormality. Normally, her face turned pale and her body kept sweating as soon as she sat in a car.

Except for crying inexplicably just now, her face looked normal. Sara doubtfully put the money into the cash box.

An old man sitting next to Harold spotted the oddness of Wendy. He turned and winked at Harold. Harold frowned and shook his head slightly.

The old man turned around to look at Sara, and asked kindly, "is this your child? Why is she crying? "

Sara touched Wendy's head as she explained, "When my daughter was a kid, her head was hurt. She started to feel dizzy and sick as soon as she get on a car. She had gone to the hospital to get some help and took the carsickness medicine, but it had no effect at all. I asked her if she felt somewhere uncomfortable but she didn't tell me. Alas! "

The old man looked at Wendy and said, "If you feel uncomfortable, you'd better tell your mom immediately. Don't keep it to yourself."

All Wendy could think about was why Harold appeared here. Did he have the memories about his previous life? If he didn't remember her, what should she do!

The old man's voice pulled her consciousness back. Wendy shook her head and said, "I'm fine. I don't feel dizzy today."

"Little girl, which grade are you in this year?"

"The first grade of high school." Wendy answered obediently. The old man was sitting next to Harold, so she could see Harold openly.

If it was not because her reason told her to be calm,

she really wanted to throw herself into Harold's arms and had a good cry.

"He is six years older than you, now a junior in a university." The old man patted Harold on the back with a laugh.

"Is he your grandson?" Wendy asked curiously. She had never seen Harold's family in her previous life.

"No, his grandfather is my good friend. I watched him grow up and could be considered as his grandfather. I heard the scenery here is beautiful, so he decided to take a trip with me. " The old man burst into laughter and responded loudly. Although he had silver eyebrows and grey hair, his face was ruddy and his eyes were bright. He looked very energetic.

Wendy and the old man talked happily, but Harold seemed not to hear it. He looked out of the window without saying anything, no one knew what he was thinking.

"Click!" The driver drove very fast and took a sudden turn, and the stuff in the bag fell all over the ground.

Wendy and her mother immediately squatted down to pick up the things, and some things rolled down at Harold's feet. He took a deep look at the side face of Wendy, thought for a few seconds and bent down to help her pick up the things.

The bus was too fast and bumpy, and it was difficult for them to collect things and keep their balance.

Seeing that Sara wanted to pick up the brush under her chair but failed for a long time, the old man immediately bent down to help her.

Wendy stood up and was about to pick up the scattered snacks. Before she grabbed the handrail, the driver took a sudden turn. The strong inertia made her lose control and fall to the side.

Unexpectedly, she felt the familiar body temperature and fell into Harold's arms.

She raised her head and looked into his eyes. There was no usual tenderness in those eyes, but complete coldness and indifference.

"I'm sorry!" Wendy stood up sadly. It seemed that Harold did not have his second life. He did not remember their past.

Seeing that Sane Wu, the old man was fine, Harold frowned and said to the driver in a cold voice, "drive slowly."

"Oh, sorry, sorry." The driver looked at them from the rearview mirror and said apologetically.

After the driver slowed down, the bus was not so bumpy. Harold and Sane continued to help to pick up the stuff.

At this moment, in a hotel room, looking at the bus approaching, a man said in a low voice to the intercom, "Sir, I didn't find the target in the bus!"

"No way! The informant told me that he was on this bus! " They said in a bloodthirsty voice on the intercom.

"I haven't found the target yet. The car is about to pass. Please instruct!"

"Who's that in your view?"

"Only the driver!"

"Only one driver?"

"Yes! No, I think I saw him! There are another three people in the bus. They seem to be squatting on the ground. "

"Have we been exposed? It can't be. "

"The bus is about to pass. Please give the instruction!"

"Kill them all!" The man on the intercom snorted and said cruelly.

"Yes, sir!" Upon receiving the order, the man in the room was ready to shoot. However, he could not aim at them from his angle.

The man sneered and moved the muzzle of the gun.

"Bang!" With a gunshot, a stream of blood spurted from the driver's head and his body fell to the ground.

Startled by the sudden scene, Sara held Wendy into her arms in a hurry while screaming.

"Sane!" With no hesitation, Harold pulled Sane to the ground and hid him in the corner. Fortunately, they had been squatting and chairs had covered their figures.

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