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   Chapter 7 Spy On Us

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After tidying up their belongings and opening the door, Wendy and Sara saw a car stopped outside and Derek standing next to it.

Sara's face changed. She asked, "Why are you here?"

"Why didn't you tell me that you were going to move today? I'll drive you there. " Dropping the cigarette in his hand, Derek came over to pick up the luggage and put it in the trunk of the car.

Sara opened her mouth slightly and wanted to say something. But she just sighed and said nothing.

Wendy stared at Derek angrily. He hadn't appeared in their life for many years. She almost forgot him.

Why is he here today? Did he keep in touch with her mother secretly these years?

Wendy asked with a frown, "How do you know we are moving? You spied on us? "

Hearing the word "spy", Sara turned pale. She shook her head and said, "Wendy, don't say that. Your Uncle Derek helped us out of kindness."

Derek hesitated for a moment, then he gave an unnatural smile, "I had something to deal with in the town today, and heard that someone was discussing about your moving, so I drove here. Time is almost up. Let's go. "

Avoiding Wendy's gaze, Derek sat on the driver's seat and asked, "Has Wendy still been carsick these years?"

"She was still car sick. Carsickness medicine has already been used, but it's no use." Sara sighed.

"Wendy, it seems you did a good job on your study! You got the first place in the high school entrance exam to be admitted to No.1 High School! " Sensing Wendy's hostility, Derek changed the subject to build a good relation with her.

But as soon as she got into the car, Wendy was very uncomfortable. She didn't listen to Derek at all.

She closed her eyes and leaned back in the chair, forcing herself not to think about the past. But the images of the past jumped out of her mind uncontrollably.

Looking at her daughter's painful face, Sara felt sad.

Derek sped up the car. After a long journey, they finally arrived at the city.

The house that Sara rented was equipped with a complete set of furniture. They only needed to do a simple cleaning.

Bess had already registered at the school. She lived at the school. The new semester hadn't begun yet, so she didn't have any restrictions.

No sooner had her parents left than Bess excitedly came to invite Wendy to the temple fair. With cotton candy in each hand, they walked to the riverside.

"Wendy, why don't we buy a sugar figurine to eat?" Bess pointed at a stall not far away and said excitedly.

Looking at the place where Bess pointed, Wendy realized that she was referring to "sugar-coated figurines". Anyone could spin a roulette giving the stallholder 5 cents. The roulette could stopped at any animals, and the stallholder would use sugar to make the animal's figurine. Sugar, usually red, white sugar and a little malt sugar, were mixed in a furnace and boiled with bluish fire. When it was done, it could be used to make a figurine.

"Aren't we having marshmallow? Now we eat sugar figurines? Aren't you afraid of too much sweetness? " Said Wendy with a smile.

"I like sweet food best. How could I get afraid of it?" Then Bess took Wendy's hand and led her to the stall. "Wendy, I must be the lucky one today. Guess if I can make the roulette stop at the dragon! Don't stop. Dragon, dragon, I want the dragon! "

"Come on!" Taking a bite of her cotton candy

, Wendy looked aside.

All of a sudden, her breath came in short gasps, and she stood rooted to the spot. Her nose twitched and tears rolled down from her eyes.

Wendy stared blankly at a man not far away. The morning sun was shining on him. His chest and clavicles were exposed under his clothes. He was rather attractive.

With that stern temperament and cold look, Wendy was sure she wouldn't have made a mistake! It was him, Harold!

Originally, Wendy thought that since she had hindered her plan of going abroad, it was almost impossible for her to meet Harold again! little does one think! Though she couldn't go abroad, God send Harold to her!

Wendy couldn't hold back her tears when she thought of the familiar voice, the familiar arms, the broken car and the deafening explosion.

"Wow! Ah ah ah! Wendy, you see, I'm so lucky! I have really got the dragon! " Bess jumped about in excitement.

"Wow, little girl, you are so awesome. I can make a dragon figurine for you now." The stallholder grinned and began to make a dragon figurine.

"Wendy, what are you looking at? Look at this dragon. " Without hearing Wendy's response, Bess thought she was in a daze and wanted to drag her to see the dragon the stallholder made for her.

Bess's action brought Wendy's mind back. Seeing the man not far away to leave, she threw off Bess's hand and ran after.

"Wendy, where are you going? Hey, Wendy! " Bess looked at Wendy's back, confused. "Please keep the dragon for me. I'm going to check on my classmate. I'll be back soon."

"Okay. Don't worry. I will keep this dragon for you." The stallholder said.

Today the temple fair place was crowded, and Harold was blocked by the pedestrians on the road. Wendy anxiously quickened her pace.

She rushed into the crowd but couldn't see Harold. She looked around with great anxiety. "Harold, where are you? Harold?"

The man not far away stopped and looked back strangely, finding nothing unusual. The man next to him also stopped and asked in confusion, "Harold, what's wrong?"

Harold looked around, shook his head and continued to move on. The man beside him followed him immediately and said helplessly, "Can you just say something! You don't talk much during the whole day. I'm so bored! "

"You are speaking too much." Harold said lightly.

"Hey, buddy! If I were not your childhood friend, and know what kind of person you are, I would have started a fight with you! " Charles Wu rolled his eyes.

Wendy searched for Harold quickly, but she couldn't find him, as if the man she had seen just now was her illusion.

Wendy buried her face in her lap and sobbed sadly.

"Wendy? Why are you crying? " Bess ran to her, squatted beside her and asked anxiously.

Wendy wanted to pour out all the pressure and tears she had suffered since she was reborn. She really wanted to hold that man, the man who promised to protect her for the rest of her life.

With the sugar figurine in her hand, Bess looked at the pale Wendy. She sensitively realized that it was best not to ask Wendy why she suddenly ran away and why she cried.

Bess handed her sugar figurine to Wendy, "This is for you. sugar figurine is sweet and you will feel sweet when you eat it."

"Thank you, Bess." With a forced smile on her face, Wendy took the sugar figurine and took a bite. It was really sweet, but she was...

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