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   Chapter 5 Psychological Shadow

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As soon as Derek came in the car, he heard Sara's cry. After all, the injured part was Wendy's head. Derek immediately opened the back door and held Wendy up and ran back to the hospital.

Wendy couldn't help but vomit, throwing up all over Derek.

Seeing Wendy's pale face, Sara was so worried that tears ran down her cheeks. She asked anxiously, "Wasn't she alright? What's wrong with her?"

Hearing the news, the doctor ran a series of checks on Wendy. Noticing the stains on Derek's clothes, Sara said apologetically, "sorry, Wendy stained your clothes. Take off your suit jacket and I'll wash it for you."

"Nothing." Derek took off his suit jacket and held it in his hand.

"Give it to me. I'll clean it for you."

Seeing Sara's insistence, Derek thought he could have an excuse to visit her if his clothes were in her place.

Realizing this, Derek nodded with a smile and handed the clothes to Sara.

The process of waiting was quite tedious. A few hours had passed after the inspection. Wendy's face was not as pale as before.

Sara asked anxiously, "Doctor, how is my child? The wound on her head has healed, but why is she still trembling? She even vomited! "

The doctor shook his head and said, "We'll do another check-up. It's true that the injury on the patient's head has been healed, but we don't know why she trembles and why she vomits. Why don't you go to the hospital in the city?"

Derek nodded, "The hospitals in the town are indeed not better than those in the city. We'll take Wendy to the big hospitals in the city to do a comprehensive examination."

"Okay, thank you, Derek." Sara said with gratitude.

The thought of taking the bus made Wendy feel sick. She took a deep breath and held back the urge to vomit. She shook her head and said, "I'm fine. I don't need to go to the hospital in the city."

"My sweet heart, you don't seem to be fine at all..."

With a forced smile on her face, Wendy shook her head and said, "Mom, I'm really fine. I just got carsickness."

"Carsickness?" With astonishment, Sara looked at her and asked, "but you never got carsickness before!"

That was because... Wendy closed her eyes in anguish, trying not to recall the horrible scene.

"I don't know why I feel dizzy as soon as I sit in the car. Mom, I'm really fine. I don't need to go to the hospital in the city." Wendy shook her head to show that she was fine.

The doctor said, "Her previous symptoms were quite like carsickness. Why don't you go home and observe for a few days? If she still trembles and vomits from time to time, then you'd better take her to the city hospital for further observation."

"Well, all right. Let's go home for observation first."

Looking at Derek's car at the door of the hospital, Wendy couldn't help trembling again.

Looking at her daughter, Sara didn't know what to do. She asked, "What should we do Derek? Wendy trembled before she sat in the car."

Derek said lovingly, "It is a long way to your home. I will drive you home. I'm going to the store nearby to buy a few plastic bags. Wendy could only put up with it first. "

"Thank you, Derek." Sara nodded gratefully.

Derek stepped on the gas hard and the car sped on the countryside road.

Sitting in the back seat, Wend

y kept vomiting. She tried not to vomit but failed. At last she felt too weak to vomit.

With a sympathetic look on Wendy's face, Sara took out a tissue and wiped the corners of Wendy's mouth. She patted her back gently and said, "We're almost at home. Put up with it, Wendy."

Wendy leaned back on the chair, wrapping her arms in pain.

A squeak. The car came to a sudden halt. Sara carried Wendy and strode into the room.

Getting out of the car, Wendy breathed a sigh of relief and felt much better.

Putting her on the bed, Sara asked worriedly, "Wendy, are you feeling better?"

"Yes, yes." Wendy nodded weakly.

"Have a good sleep and tell me if you feel uncomfortable."


Sara gently closed the bedroom door. Derek anxiously asked, "How is Wendy?"

"She looks much better after coming out of the car. She must have got carsickness."

"Oh, she spat out so much. How can she go to school like this?" Derek said, "How about I buy you a suite near the school?"

"No, no. No, thank you." Sara refused.

Derek said, "Sara, we are so close. Why are you always so courteous to me? I... "

"Don't bother. I'll buy a bike for Wendy. It's not far away. It's kind of exercise to go on a bike every day. You really don't need to buy an apartment for us. " Sara said firmly.

Knowing what kind of person Sara was, Derek could only sigh, "OK, call me if anything happens."


After Wendy was discharged from the hospital, she stayed at home to rest for two weeks. Sara carefully observed and finally made sure that there was nothing wrong with her, then let her go to school.

"Wendy, how's the wound on your head? I'm too busy with my research to come to the hospital to see you. " Bess Du trotted to Wendy with excitement.

In the past, Bess and Wendy were best friends. But later, Wendy emigrated abroad and became a racer. She developed abroad, so they never contacted each other since then.

Wendy was very happy to see Bess again. She smiled and said, "It's all right now."

"Hey? Why are you here so early today? " Bess curiously looked at Wendy's bike and asked, "Eh? Do you come by bike? "

"Yes. I can exercise by bike. I have been asking for leave recently, so I have lost many knowledge on the book. Can I have a look at your notes? " Wendy looked at Bess with a big smile.

Simple as Bess was, she didn't notice anything wrong with Wendy. The latter was distressed while holding her textbook. She had graduated for so many years that she had long forgotten all her knowledge. Because she didn't want to get a much lower score than usual in her exams, she needed to study hard during these days.

Wendy and Bess were the first to arrive at the classroom. Wendy caught a glimpse of one of the chairs. She turned around and asked, "Have you eaten breakfast?"

"I haven't eaten yet. Wendy, have you eaten yet?" Bess asked.

"I've eaten some, but I'm not full yet. Can you buy me some steamed stuffed buns?"

"No problem! Wait for me! " Bess giggled and ran out of the classroom.

Wendy turned around and sneered.

As the saying goes, "A fox may turn gray, but never kind".

As soon as Wendy recovered and went back to school, Shelly forgot that her father had warned her not to make trouble with her.

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