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   Chapter 4 Hospital Discharge

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Derek didn't want to let George and Caroline go, but Sara shook her head to him, and he could only frown and wave his hand to ask the couple to get away.

George and Caroline squeezed out stiff smiles and exited the ward.

The crowd retreated gradually, and the ward returned quiet again.

Wendy took a deep breath, clutched the quilt on both sides and stared at Derek directly, "you are my father?"

Wendy's question startled Sara. She explained nervously, "No, no."

Those words that Derek was about to say were stop at the mouth. He took a deep look at Sara, and saw the reluctance in her eyes. He sighed. He shook his head and said, "No, I'm not your father. I'm a friend of your mother. Just call me Uncle Derek."

Wendy examined the strange looks on their faces and continued, "Nice to meet you, Uncle Derek. But I seemed to hear you say I'm your child..."

"That's because Uncle Derek wanted to help me out. You just woke up, and you should have a good rest. Don't think too much." Said Sara with sympathy.

"Wendy, have a good rest. Your mom and I are going to buy you delicious food." Derek looked at Wendy with loving eyes.

Noticing her mother's pale face, Wendy lowered her eyes, nodded and closed her eyes obediently.

Derek gave Sara a wink, then they went out and closed the door. Wendy couldn't hear what they were saying outside the room.

"Click, click." Shelly was watching TV in the living room. When she heard the sound of opening the door, she immediately withdrew her foot from the table and sat on the sofa.

What? Why did dad come back with mom? There seemed to be something wrong! From the glimpse of her eyes, Shelly saw her parents' pale faces.

'Was Wendy killed by me? It can't be true!' Shelly swallowed nervously.

Sitting next to Shelly, Caroline turned around and glared at her. George sighed as he leaned against the sofa. He tidied up his hair.

Shelly looked at her parents. After hesitating for a while, she asked worriedly, "Dad, mom. What's wrong? "

Hearing what Shelly said, George glared at her. "What's wrong? I send you to school to study. Look at what you have done! Great! How dare you hit a classmate's head with a flower pot? Do you want to kill her? "

Hearing the word "kill", Shelly's heart missed a beat, and she was too nervous to speak clearly, "it's impossible, that's not too high..."

"What? Not too high! You must want to kill her! You, you, your classmate, did she bear a deep grudge against you? Why did you do that?" Outraged, George walked to the side and picked up the feather duster.

Shelly was angry and afraid. She stepped back and said, "Dad, you beat me for that bad woman!"

"Bad woman?" George asked Shelly, confused.

"Yes! Wendy's mother! Dad, I'm your own daughter. You have no blood relationship with Wendy. How could you hit me for her sake! Are you really going to abandon mom and me? " The more Shelly said, the angrier she got.

"Why would I leave you and your mother?" George looked at Shelly and then looked at Caroline with a strange expression.

"George, don't be angry..." Caroline realized that she was in trouble! She hurried to stop Shelly.

"Several days ago, Lily came to our home and I heard that she sa

id that the bad woman had seduced you and you wanted to abandon me and mom!" Shelly was so angry that she didn't notice that Caroline winked at her.

George pushed Caroline away furiously. He pointed at her nose and scolded, "What else can you do except playing mahjong and gossiping with your friends! Look at what you have taught Shelly! "

"Well, you are blaming me now! If you were not so close to that woman and had been seen by my friend, there would not be such things! Why didn't you think about what you have done before? " After so many years of patience, she couldn't help but break out.

"I, I, I just have a small chat with Mrs. Sara. What are you thinking about?" George's face turned red when he argued with Caroline.

"I know what kind of person you are! Mrs. Sara? How sweet you called her! Have a small chat? My friend told me that you were anxious to cling to her. How can you say that? Are you kidding me! I know what you have done before! " Caroline screamed loudly.

George pointed at Caroline and shouted, "I don't want to talk about this with you! You are such a fool. You have brought me so much trouble. Do you know who that man is?"

"It's because you seduced her. I thought the woman was nobody. Shelly told me that she was a widow. Why did she have a husband suddenly! Maybe the man is also one of her lovers! She looks like a bitch! " Caroline complained.

"How dare you talk back when you make trouble? I'll kill you." George didn't expect that Caroline didn't care about his feelings. She had been berating him in front of their child. In a rage, he picked up the feather duster and hit Caroline with it.

"Ah! George! How dare you hit me! I'll fight it out with you! " The next second, Caroline's arm was injured and the tears began to trickle down her cheeks. She rushed to George and grabbed his hair. Then they started to fight.

Hiding in a corner, Shelly watched her parents fight with each other. She shed tears silently and hated Wendy more.

It had been one month's treatment in the hospital. Sara didn't complete the discharge formalities until she was sure that Wendy's wound was almost healed.

When Derek helped them to carry their luggages and put them into the trunk of the car, Sara said with a frown, "you don't have to come here in person since you have so many things to deal with. There are a lot of buses in the town, we..."

"I'm off today. Don't worry about disturbing me." Derek smiled helplessly.

Wendy observed them secretly. When she saw her mother estranging herself from Derek, she was very skeptical about that Derek was her father. He must have done something wrong to her mother, which was why her mother treated him like this.

As Wendy sat in the car, the coldness overwhelmed her. The tragic scene of her mother being tied to the back of the off-road vehicle and the deafening explosion, Harold who died miserably in the car came to her mind.

Sara immediately sensed that something was wrong with Wendy. She asked anxiously, "what's wrong? Are you not feeling well? Oh dear! Why are you sweating so much? "

With her body trembling, Wendy didn't hear anything from her mother. Instead, her mind was filled with blood, explosion and burning fire.

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