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   Chapter 375 One Wife and Two Husbands

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Caroline raised her eyebrows in disbelief.

Looking at her, Sharon promised again, "Don't worry. I won't make fun of John's life. I can come to him so far with a big belly. You can imagine how important he is to me."

"Yes, that's right. How could you give him to me so willingly?"

Sharon didn't know how to answer Caroline's question, "Do you have any other choice for me?"

"No!" Seeing that Sharon chuckled, Caroline sighed deeply and said, "Well, since you have promised me again, I believe you this time. You have the final say on John. I advise you to think about the man you love deeply before you do anything."

After saying that, she waved her hand. Two strong men came out of nowhere and took Sharon out.

She had thought that Caroline would just move her to an unknown place or send her back directly, but unexpectedly, not only did she not take her away from the town, but also let her live in a house of a family.

Looking at the family, Sharon felt a little uneasy.

The reason why Caroline took her here was not just because she wanted her to leave John.

As expected, in order to make her completely give up on John, Caroline had to completely destroy her.

"Mom, you are finally here. We have prepared a lot of food for you."

The called her mother! That made Sharon in a cold sweat. Her heart was full of panic.

"You...You must be mistaken." Holding back the uneasiness and tremble in her heart, Sharon pretended to be calm and said, "You look older than me. How can you call me mom?"

"You are my mother. Miss Caroline said that you have promised to marry my father and be my mother."

"Miss Caroline..."

Looking at the two men in front of her, one was about fifty years old and one was about thirty years old, Sharon wanted to run away subconsciously. They said that Caroline wanted her to marry both of them.

At the thought of it, Sharon felt that it was disgusting.

She couldn't. She would rather die!

When the yo

ay without thinking too much.

But as a pregnant woman, it was inconvenient for her to move. How could she run faster than a strong young man?

As soon as she took two steps forward, her hair was pulled hard from behind, and she leaned back along the pain on her head.


The man pulled her over forcibly and slapped her face hard. The corner of her lips immediately began to bleed, and the taste of blood mixed with the taste of death spread in her mouth to her heart.

Sharon knew that she couldn't escape, and she would die anyway. It was better for her to go all out.

She raised her leg and kicked the man between his trousers.

The man quickly retracted his legs and gave a hard slap on Sharon's face. Because of the loss of center of gravity, she fell forward, and her belly hit the fence on the roadside.


With a scream of pain, Sharon covered her belly and slid down slowly. Leaning against the fence, she felt so painful that she almost fainted.

The young man and the old man looked at each other, showing a sneer. When they were about to catch her, a sudden pain came. The two men were kicked away from behind, and directly fell into the yard.

Jeffery glanced at Caleb and said, "You go to see her. I'll deal with the two beasts." Then he led his men into the yard.

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