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   Chapter 371 My Husband Part Three

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It was already eleven o'clock in the evening when the dinner was over. Both Jerome and John were blind drunk.

Then, Caroline helped John walk into her room and put him on her bed.

She blushed and her heart beat fast.

"Caroline, if you really want him to be your man, you have to be more active. You need to fight for your own happiness."

The words of Jerome lingered in her ears.

She didn't want others to take away her happiness, nor did she want others to take away John, so she had to do so.

She lay down beside him and looked at him quietly.

His fingers gently slid down from his full forehead, and under his handsome eyebrows, there was a pair of long eyelashes. Even women were jealous of his beautiful look. Her fingers continued to go down, and under the high straight nose, there were sexy lips, which made people want to kiss them.

Caroline was somewhat absent-minded. Perhaps, she was completely fascinated by him.

She was so obsessed with him that she couldn't control herself.

"John, let me be your woman, okay?"

"I love you!" She loved him very much.

Caroline plucked up her courage and kissed him on the lips.

A gentle and fierce kiss came. John wanted to avoid it subconsciously, but he knew that he couldn't avoid it tonight.

If he refused this time, all his efforts during this period would be in vain.

He reached out and held her waist, turned over and pressed her under his body, kissing the person under him with beast like power.


It was already midnight when John left the room.

The piercing cold night, in the middle of the night, was even freezing.

Unconsciously, John walked to the door of the farmhouse. He just wanted to take a look at her, even if there was a wall or a window in front of him. As long as he could sense her existence, it was enough for him.

Since she saw John in the daytime, Sharon had become more absent-minded. She even

eafening in the night.

Sharon stood up with all her strength and snapped, "John, do you know how sad your mother and grandfather are because of your death? Your mother cries every day, and grandpa's hair turned white overnight. How could you live happily with another woman here? I don't care what your reason is and what difficulties you have. You can't deceive those who love you with death. In your heart, do you only care about your dead father only? Have you thought about your mother and grandfather?" Have you thought about me and our child?

John stood up too. He wanted to say something but he didn't know what to say.

He wanted to explain, but he didn't know how and where to start.

Everything was coincidence. He did not do it on purpose. God had chosen this path for him. He could only follow the development of the matter until it was over.

"What? Why don't you say anything? Tell me!" Clenching her fists, Sharon asked in a loud voice, "You didn't leave here because of her, right? Don't worry. No matter I have this baby or not, I won't badger you. I don't care whether you love me or not. I come here just to find an answer for the Qiao family, and to confirm the question in my heart. Since you are still alive, I can go back to tell grandpa and aunt."

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