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   Chapter 368 Hope Part Four

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With admiration written all over his face, Austin nodded repeatedly and said, "Doctor Sharon, you have made a great contribution this time. Now that we know where John is, don't worry. We will bring John back safely."

"Uncle Austin, I want to go by myself." Sharon refused without hesitation. That was her man. No matter what the result was, she had to see it with her own eyes.

"But you..." With an embarrassed look on his face, Austin advised, "Sharon, you can't act on impulse in such a situation. You are pregnant now. You should think more about the baby. Besides, the people there are not easy to deal with. I'm afraid..."

"They don't know me at all. They won't do anything to me. If John still remembers the past, he won't ignore me if he sees that I'm in danger. If he doesn't love me anymore, I believe he won't stand by either. I trust him."

Austin sighed. It seemed that he would never be able to convince her. No matter what reason he had, she had her own way to refute him.

"Okay, I can let you go there, but you can't act on your own. Otherwise, I will be doomed if anything happens to you."


After the last examination for Wayne, Sharon told him to have a good rest and left the base camp with her squad that night.

Because the mission was very dangerous and she was pregnant, Austin specially arranged a female soldier to follow her.

"Nice to meet you, Doctor Sharon. My name is Olivia. I'm here to protect you. If you feel uncomfortable or need anything, please tell me."

"…… Okay."

In fact, Sharon didn't want to make trouble for anyone, but she didn't know how to refuse Austin's kindness.

After all, he was entrusted by Grandpa Qiao.

The five of them got off the plane and went straight to the camp where the squad was.

The conditions here were worse, but they arranged the best place for Sharon.

Although many people were dissatisfied and thought she was here to make trouble, they just dared not to say anything. Of course, Sharon was not a fool. Anyone with a discerning eye could see ho

travel or for lodging. I don't think you are from this place. Have you lost your way? Where are your family and friends?"

Sharon was indeed thirsty. She looked vigilantly at the two of them, picked up the cup and took a sip. Her lips were wet, but she didn't drink it.

She said softly, "I'm here to find my husband."

"Your husband?" The two looked at each other and asked, "Where is your husband? If you don't mind telling us, maybe we can help you find some information."

"I...I..." Sharon looked at them. Tears welled up in her eyes. "My husband's name is John. He's missing."

"……" Seeing her sobbing, the two old people felt sorry for her. The old woman gently supported her back and comforted her. "It's okay. Have a good rest here. We will help you find some information about your husband. If he is in this place, you will definitely find him. Don't worry."

Sharon had a rest for a while. She was about to leave, but the old couple didn't allow her to leave. They said that it was not safe for her to leave alone with a big belly.

On the one hand, she thought that if Olivia Jiang found that she was missing, they would definitely be anxious. On the other hand, since she had already been out and the old couple were local, it would be easy to find John in private. She thought about it for a while and decided to stay until she found John.

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