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   Chapter 365 Hope Part One

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For Sharon, she couldn't wait here and do nothing.

Since she didn't believe in the death of John, why didn't she buy all the time and opportunity to confirm the answer in her heart?

"Doctor Cole, Doctor Lucine, several of our soldiers are injured." Cole and Lucine immediately ran to the medical room. Looking at the soldiers on the stretcher who had been badly injured, they could not help but frown slightly.

There were three injured people in total, two of whom were seriously injured and were immediately sent to the operating room. The other one could leave after being bandaged by Sharon.

When Sharon didn't see anything wrong and just walked out of the medical room, she saw a soldier running here in a hurry. Looking at her in the white coat, the soldier asked, "Are you a doctor?"

"Yes. What's wrong?" Sharon asked.

"We found a seriously injured patient. Could you please come with us?"

"Okay." Without any hesitation, Sharon turned around and went back to the medical room to get the first aid kit. Then she followed the soldier.

After getting in the car, the car was bumpy all the way. In order to prevent the baby from shaking too much, Sharon tried her best to move her buttocks away from the seat and control the center of gravity with her legs.

Sharon said, "Is it far away? How is the injured now?"

The soldier said, "The injured is a captive. He was shot in the chest. He should be still alive."

Sharon asked in doubt, "Captive?"

The soldier nodded and said, "Yes, we treat all the captives equally based on humanity. If anyone can be saved, we will save them first."

"I see." Sharon said. She had been worried about how to find out where John was since she came here and looked around. After all, he was alone outside, but she was protected here. She didn't even know where he was, let alone to see him.

But now, as long as the captive was saved, she could get the whereabouts of John from the captive.

Even if she couldn't know exactly where he was, at least she could know if he was still alive.

After a long time, the car finally stopped after running over half a mountain.

The injured man was lying b

can choose a few safe places where John had stayed before and let her look for him. And send two people to follow her. If you keep avoiding her like this and don't let her investigate, maybe she will do something bad."

Austin asked in doubt, "Commander, is that okay? I think that girl is very smart. It won't take long before she can see through."

"Let's have a try first. I'll take her back as soon as I figure out a way."


When Shirley came out of the kitchen, she saw the worried look on Grandpa Qiao's face and asked in doubt, "Father, what happened? What did Austin want from you?" Then she handed the teacup to him.

With a sigh, Grandpa Qiao leaned against the sofa and said, "It's about Sharon. Austin said that Sharon inspected the environment alone every day, trying to find an opportunity to look for John."

Shirley didn't say anything. There was no worry on her face, but a trace of comfort and joy in her heart.

How could John meet such a woman who loved him so much? From the bottom of her heart, she liked Sharon more and more since she knew that Sharon went to the frontier.

After a while, she said, "Dad, Sharon has been pregnant for five months. Why don't you let her stay there for a month? She can do whatever she wants to do as long as Austin sends someone to protect her well. You can get her back one month later if there is no news about John. In this case, she should have no objection."

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