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   Chapter 345 You Could Give Birth to a Baby by Yourself

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Hearing this, Sharon was stunned. She immediately pushed him away, glared at him angrily and said, "John, get out of here as far as you can!"

With a charming smile, John said, "Honey, if I get out of here, you will regret it."

"I won't!" Looking at his frivolous and flirtatious look, Sharon felt that her worry a few days ago was unnecessary. She must be out of her mind, or how could she go to find Mark!

She glanced at him coldly, put her hands into the pockets, turned around and left.

However, before she could step out, a long arm was directly put on her shoulder.

Sharon looked at him coldly. John said with a coquettish smile, "Don't go. I'm here to pick you up. Hurry up and pack up. I'll take you to a place."

"Where are we going?" Asked Sharon. With a smile on his face, John said, "You'll know when you get there. Good girl, go and pack up your things."

She checked the time and it was time to get off work. Sharon packed up and left.

As soon as Marcus came back from the outside, he saw that John held Sharon in his arms and got in the car. His eyes darkened and he felt very unhappy.

Although he could tell that the reason why Sharon had been out of her mind these days was mostly because of John, he still did not want to admit and give up. He felt that time could prove everything, and love could be cultivated through time. He believed that Sharon would accept him one day.

The two of them drove through the city to the resort in the western suburbs.

"Hey, you are finally here. I thought John would not be able to get you here."

With a snort of disdain, John put his arm around Sharon's shoulder and said to Rachel, "I'm really sorry to disappoint you."

Rachel pouted and said, "Sharon, you shouldn't have come. Let me tell you, he doesn't deserve your love at all. He has so many women."

Sharon was speechless.

She turned to look at John with doubts in her eyes, as if asking him whether what Rachel said was true or not.

With a guilty conscience, John deliberately changed the

ately looked away and drank the juice, pretending to be ignorant.

The phone rang. Sharon took out her phone and walked out of the private room to answer it.

"Sharon, John is back. Do you know that?" As soon as Shirley heard from Grandpa Qiao that John had come back from the army, she called John in a hurry. But no matter how many times she called, there was always no answer. Worried, she called Sharon directly.

Sharon turned to look at the room door and said, "Auntie, don't worry. I'm with him now. Do you have anything to talk to him? I'll ask him to answer the phone."

Before she could finish her words, Shirley said immediately, "No, no. Since you are together, I'm relieved."

Shirley paused and said, "Sharon, I heard from Grandpa that there are only three days left for John to leave this time. What he will do is very dangerous. In fact, I really don't want him to go, but he insisted. I can't stop him. I have already lost my husband, if something happened to... Alas!"

"Auntie, I believe that John will come back safe and sound. Since he has promised you, he will do it."

"Yes, but I'm still worried. If anything bad happened to him, how could I live? Sharon, if you have time, please help me persuade him again. Even if you can't persuade him, please tell him to come back alive, for his family and for yourself. Thank you."

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