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   Chapter 343 I Promise to Come Back Alive

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He frowned and his heart was clenched.


If it weren't for that person, his father wouldn't have died.

"Grandpa, I'll go!" John promised, with firmness in his eyes.

This time, he must avenge his father!

"Are you sure?" Grandpa Qiao stared at him and said, "This task is very dangerous. I don't know if you can come back alive. Don't you think about it anymore?"

"No. I have made up my mind." There was no regret on John's face. He said, "Grandpa, since you showed me this document, I think you must agree with me. Otherwise, you would have refused me without hesitation. You have always hoped that I can join the army. The first reason is that you want me to serve the country. The second reason is that you want to avenge my father and fulfill his last wish. This is a good opportunity. No matter who objects, I will go."

"John, in fact, Grandpa..."

"I object! John, you can't go!"

The door was suddenly opened. Seeing Shirley come in, John immediately stood up and called her in astonishment, "Mom!"

She stared at John angrily and said, "You can't go there! John. You know how dangerous that person is. I will never let you go there and court death!"

She turned to look at Grandpa Qiao and said, "Dad, he is your only grandson. Why do you still let him go? If anything happens to him, how can I live? Do you want the Qiao family to have no descendants?"

Aaron died. She couldn't even find his body and she just came back with Aaron's belongings. When she thought of this, she couldn't help but feel sad and painful.

"Dad, I have been with Aaron for five years, but he had spent only a few days with me. The only one he left for me is our son, John. Do you still want to take him away from me?"

Grandpa Qiao was speechless.

"Mommy, although the mission is dangerous, you have to believe in my strength. I will come back alive."

"No way!" Shirley objected harshly with a tone that allowed no one to refuse. "I don't care how strong you are. Anyway, I won't let you take a risk. If you insist on going, don't call me mother

r this task, he wouldn't have sacrificed himself. Mommy, I don't believe you are willing to see that person get away with it like this!"


"Mommy, I know you are worried about me. You are afraid that I will be like Daddy. I promise you. I will come back alive, I promise!" John raised three fingers and promised, "Mommy, let me go, please. Although I have never seen my father, I still admire him very much. He is a great hero in my heart, and I want to be like him. I know I'm always frivolous and unreliable, but when it comes to the crunch time, I've done it very well every time. Mommy, just say yes, please."

Shirley fixed her eyes on John. He was tall, handsome, wise and decisive. Although he was playful most of the time, she knew that he pretended it just to hide his fragile heart.

She knew better than anyone how excellent her son was.

She reached out and touched his handsome face. Her face was covered by sadness and unwillingness. She said with tears, "John, Mommy can't bear any more blow. If you really have any problem, I can't live anymore."


Wiping away the tears on her face, she held back her heartache and compromised, "Okay, I know I can't change your decision. Since you want to go, then go. But you must keep your promise to me! You must be fine, okay?"

With a smile on his face, John saluted and said, "YES, MADAM!"

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