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   Chapter 341 Good Liar

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Sharon looked at her phone, stunned.

Marcus asked, "What's wrong?"

Sharon looked at him and said "I'm sorry, senior. I can't have dinner with you."


"Uh... My grandpa asked me to go home for dinner."

"Grandpa?" Marcus looked at her suspiciously. When did she suddenly have a grandfather? "Well, where are you going? Let me drive you."

"No, thanks. I can take a taxi. Marcus, you are tired too. Go home quickly. I will treat you to dinner next time. I need to go. Bye." After saying that, she smiled sweetly and walked out.


Looking at Sharon, who looked totally different from what she was like few minutes ago, Marcus's eyes darkened. Who else could make her so happy all of a sudden except for John?

In the Qiao family

"Mommy, Grandpa, I'm back." As soon as he entered the house, he heard the laughter, and a suspicion rose in his heart.

"Mr. John, you are back. Mr. Qiao is in the dining room." When the servant came, John immediately asked, "Is there a guest at home?"

"It's Miss Sharon."

Miss Sharon?

With a complacent smile, he walked briskly to the dining room.

"Sharon, you are really good at cooking. I like the dishes you cook." Grandpa Qiao praised her with joy. With a shy smile, Sharon said, "Grandpa Qiao, if you want to eat, I'll cook for you when I'm free. It's just cooking. It is not difficult."

As soon as she finished her words, Sharon was stunned. She regretted saying such words, as if she wanted to come here every day. She really wanted to bite herself to death.

"That's right. Since grandpa likes the food you cooked, why don't you just live here?" The voice came, and he stood straight in front of her. He walked up to Grandpa Qiao and said, "Grandpa, I'm back."

Sharon blushed. Grandpa Qiao turned to glance at John and said, "If I didn't ask you to come back, you would never know to come back, right? Sharon is better than you.

he was! If he shot a movie, he would win Golden Horse Awards and Oscar. There was no one else who would be a better actor than him.

"John, when did I bully you? Why do I feel that you don't even need to draft a lie now? You are getting more and more shameless." Sharon stared at him with a gloomy face.

"I don't need to think about it before I lie. You just know it now?" John pursed his lips and immediately sat down next to Shirley, held her hand and said in a spoiled tone, "Mommy, look, your daughter-in-law has already begun to bully me before she marries me. How can I live in the future? I must be bullied by her every day."

Sharon looked at the sky speechlessly, "That's enough, John. Who is your wife? I didn't say I would marry you!"

"You are my fiancee. If you don't marry me, who will you marry? Do you want to marry that bad doctor?" Thinking of the arrogant look on Marcus's face, John got angry.

What's so proud of being a doctor?

His father was a professor, so what? He and all the members of the Qiao family were much richer than his family. How could the Hua family compare with him?

Shirley didn't say anything. She was very happy to see the young couple quarreling.

She couldn't remember how long it had been since the family was so lively.

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