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   Chapter 339 Rivals in Love Were Particularly Envious When They Met

Bullet In The Heart By Mo Ruoxi Characters: 6432

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"John, why are you so selfish? Those are the injured. It doesn't matter whether I am tired or not. If they don't get timely treatment, they will die! I think their lives are more important than my own health. If you want to leave, just do it. I still have work to do. If you have to close this hospital for no reason, then you can do it!"

After saying that, Sharon turned around and left.

John stood still, as if he couldn't react.

Was Sharon in front of him still the one he knew?

"Mr. John, do you think that Sharon looks charming when she is serious?" Hearing the voice, John turned his head and saw Marcus who dressed in casual clothes and stood straight next to him with his hands putting in the pockets. Marcus stared at Sharon who was busy with his bright black eyes.

John snorted unhappily, as if his beloved thing was coveted by others, and he felt very uncomfortable.

"You don't have to judge my woman."

"Your woman?" With confidence in his eyes, Marcus sneered and said, "It's not up to you to decide whose woman she is. Mr. John, don't be so confident, you will be easily humiliated by yourself. I have something else to do. Excuse me."

As soon as Marcus stepped into the emergency room, several nurses and doctors immediately walked up to him, as if they were greeting some big shot, smiling and chatting with him.

Clenching his fists, John was so angry that he gritted his teeth.

No one dared to challenge him like this. How dared Marcus provoke him?

'Well, let's see whose woman Sharon would be!'

In a fit of anger, John took a taxi to the hospital where Mark stayed.

In the VIP ward, people were talking and laughing happily.

With a loud bang, everyone looked at the open door and saw that John came in angrily.

Seeing that Caleb was also there, he ordered loudly, "Caleb, I want to invest money in your hospital. I want to be the director of the hospital!"

Caleb di

out her. A woman wants to find someone who would love her all his life. If I am with someone like you, I would cry every day."


John was furious from embarrassment.

He was not as bad as they said. He had been very good to Sharon. He had never been so good to anyone in his life. Not to mention other women, he had never cared about the Qiao family. Why was she still not satisfied?

John had always been confident and charming, and he didn't care about anything at all. But now, he became depressed.

Seeing that John left dejectedly, Jessie looked at the others and said, "Why do you have to depress him like this? If he is really discouraged, who is responsible for Sharon's happiness?"

"I think the doctor and Sharon are a good match." Disdain was written all over Rachel's face. Jessie asked, "Do you know the doctor? How much do you know about him that you think Sharon and him are a good match? If you really want to compare John with that doctor, I would rather Sharon be with John. Anyway, we know who he is. Don't forget that Sharon loves John most."

After all, not everyone in the world could be with the one they loved.

Rachel pursed her lips. Although she wanted to see how embarrassed John was, she still hoped that Sharon could be happy.

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