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   Chapter 338 A Passionate Couple

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"It's not bad if you treat yourself as a pig. You know, many people want it. Don't be so picky. Come on. Eat this."

While saying that, he forked a piece of fruit to her mouth. When Sharon was about to open her mouth subconsciously, she suddenly felt that it was too ambiguous, so she reached out and took the fork in his hand. She stared at him fiercely and ate the fruit in one gulp.

"Well! It's delicious." Sharon's eyes lit up. She forked another piece of fruit and put it into her mouth. She nodded while eating. This restaurant was really good.

After eating the fruit, Sharon tried every dish on the table. It seemed that the food was extremely good. She started to eat like crazy...

Looking at her eating fast, John didn't feel bad at all, and a doting smile appeared on his face.

"Why don't you eat?" Sharon's mouth was full of food. Looking at the strange expression on John's face, she immediately put down the fork in her hand and wiped her mouth with a tissue. After swallowing the food, she said, "Well, I am full. Let us talk about Rita now. If you don't tell me, I'll go back. I have a lot of things to deal with."

"I'm really not familiar with her. I've only seen her less than five times in total." John was about to explain, but was interrupted by Sharon, "Get to the point." Who wanted to know how he knew her? Even if they had met several times, even if he slept with her, it was none of her business.

Even though she cared about him, but they had no relationships.

John was stunned and said, "She is an actress. When I knew her, she was rudely asked to drink with a guest. As a result, Rita had a conflict with the guest because of her unwillingness. Then I helped her solve it. I had met her several times after that and heard her talk about herself. It was not until then that I knew that her parents died in a car accident when she was very young, and she was sent to a welfare house. I really don't know anything else."

"Do you know her medical history?" Asked Sharon.

"Why would I know her history?" John was confused. How could people tell others a

unced to the public. She would marry into the Qiao family sooner or later. There was no misunderstanding!

Besides, she had loved him for more than ten years! Now she kept saying that she wanted to stay away from him and didn't even want to talk with him. What did she want?

Did she want to be with Marcus? Dream on!

Sharon was speechless. Did he think that she was talking nonsense?

He even said she was his fiancée. Didn't he know their relationship now?

"Okay, okay. You can do whatever you like. I will go back to the hospital. Go back quickly. I still have work to do." Sharon admitted defeat directly and admitted her bad luck.

How could he say she was his fiancée?

When she chased him, he didn't take it seriously at all. Now he came to say that she was his fiancée. He could go to hell!

Sharon turned around and was about to leave, but her hand was grabbed.

"John, what the hell do you want? Don't you know that there was a series of car accidents on National Road 325 today? Many people need treatment!"

"So what? Compared with them, you are more important in my heart. Is it impossible to cure people in such a big hospital without you? Sharon, I'll give you two choices. You go back with me and have a rest now, or I'll have this hospital closed immediately. Do you believe me?"

Clenching her teeth, Sharon stared at him. They looked at each other angrily.

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