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   Chapter 336 I Was Not Your Woman

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"It's none of my business? You are my woman. How could you say it's none of my business? Does it have something to do with Marcus?"

Looking askance at him, Sharon smiled and said disdainfully, "It's none of your business. Besides, I'm not your woman. Please don't say that again. I'm not like you. You have affairs all over the world. I don't want you to ruin my good fortune."

"Good fortune?" Squinting his eyes, John grabbed her shoulder and snapped, "Sharon, you already have me. Why are you not satisfied? What else do you want?"

"You? John, don't make fun of me, okay? When did you become mine? Have you ever admitted our relationship in front of the elders? Have you ever confessed your love to me? Did you give me any respond when I asked you about our marriage? …… You didn't do anything. Why do you say I have you?"

"I did!" John retort loudly. Hearing that, Sharon was a little stunned and looked incredulous. "You did? What did you do?"

"I..." The thought that he took the roses to the hospital in the afternoon, but she went to date with Marcus made his heart ache. He let go of her angrily and sneered, "Don't you want to stay away from me? What? Are you not willing to do that now?"

"Fine. I'm not interested in knowing what happened to you, and I don't want to know either." Then she got rid of his hand, turned around, opened the iron door and entered the house.

"You... You bad girl!" John gritted his teeth in anger.

He must be out of his mind. Otherwise, why did he spend so much time and go to the hospital? She wasn't his woman, was she? Well done, Sharon!

He took out the ring he had prepared in his pocket, opened the box and took a look at it for a while. Then he closed it and threw it away with great strength. The black velvet box drew a perfect arc in the air and disappeared in the dark night.

John drove straight to the most luxurious nightclub in the city and called over the beauties he used to hang out with.

The big box was overcrowded. Except for John, all the people were beauties!

"Mr. John, w

at the woman in front of her. Her long black hair fell naturally. Wearing a white dress and light makeup, she looked quite fresh and clean. Looking at the one inside, she couldn't help but think that they looked so different.

"It's just that Miss Rita Luo she's suffering from epilepsy. Do you know if she had this disease before?"

"Epilepsy? I, I don't know."

"You don't know? Can you contact her family? Her condition is a little serious, and I just checked that she has congenital heart disease. We have to know her previous history before we can give a targeted treatment."

"……" The woman in white was stunned and didn't know what to do. "Doctor, we are just ordinary friends. I'm not familiar with her at all." After saying that, she turned around and grabbed John, who had already fallen asleep on the chair, and said, "Doctor, maybe you can ask him! Maybe he would know something."

The woman in white kept shaking John and urging him to wake up.

John opened his eyes, raised his head and asked in a daze, "What's wrong? Not enough wine? If it's not enough, just ask the waiter to bring some. I have money!"

Judging from the voice, Sharon knew who he was.

She sneered and said to the woman in white, "Miss, if you really want to help Miss Rita Luo, you should contact her family as soon as possible. You can't count on such an unreliable man."

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