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   Chapter 335 It Was None of Your Business Where I Went

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Sharon was shocked by the sudden roar and took her phone away from her ear.

Seeing that John was still roaring, she angrily cursed, "What's wrong with you?" Then she hung up the phone and threw it into her bag.

He asked her to go back?

Was she a toy that he could do whatever he wanted?

Yes, she had loved him for more than ten years. She had been chasing after him, but that didn't mean that she was someone he could take for granted!

She would rather die than going back to him!

It was only a phone call for more than ten seconds. Although Sharon didn't say anything, Marcus knew that it must be John who called.

In this world, only John could make her so angry.

Along the way, Sharon was not in a good mood. There was not only no smile on her face, but also a hint of sadness.

After returning to the Hua family, Arthur and his wife, Lily, made a lot of delicious dishes and took out the good wine that had been stored for more than ten years.

"Come on, sit down. The dishes will become cold." Lily Deng pulled Sharon to sit down at the table and said, "Sharon, thank you for picking up Marcus. You must be tired after driving to the airport after the operation."

"That's my pleasure, Auntie Lily. It was just an ordinary operation today. It's not a big deal."

"Alright! Come here, Marcus. Pour some wine for Sharon."

Sharon knew that Arthur and Lily Deng were very happy that Marcus had come back. After all, Marcus had studied abroad for three years. Now he finally came back, so it was natural for them to be happy. Therefore, she didn't want to disappoint them. Even if she was tired, she had to drink a few glasses of wine.

During the meal, the atmosphere was quite good. They were like a family, laughing and talking.

Originally, Arthur wanted to keep Sharon stay, but seeing that she had been refusing, he simply asked Marcus to send her back.

"Marcus, you don't have to drive me back, Allen. You've been on the plane for more than ten hours and you're tired. Go back and have a rest. I can take a taxi."

at the door. When Sharon got off the car and was about to open the door, she was pulled over by a pulling force.

"Help!" Before she could finish her words, her mouth was directly covered by someone.

Someone kissed her. She looked confused.

Her eyes widened. When Sharon realized that she had been kissed, she lifted her knees and heard a man's painful groan. Then she picked up her bag and kept hitting the man.

"Sharon, are you going to beat me to death?"


All of a sudden, she stopped. With the help of the dim street lamp, she saw clearly that the man in front of her was squatting painfully on the ground, covering his lower body. She could not help but feel pity for him.

But when she thought of what he had said on the phone, the pity and sympathy in her heart instantly turned into anger.

With a look of disdain on her face, she said, "You deserve it. You are lecherous!"

"What?" Enduring the pain, John straightened up and questioned, "Sharon, how dare you say that? Why do you come back so late? Where did you hook up with that man? Do you know how long I've been waiting for you here? I've been waiting for you for three hours in such a cold weather."

Sharon sneered with disdain.

"I didn't know that! Besides, I didn't ask you to wait. It's none of my business. Besides, I'm not yours. It's none of your business where I went."

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