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   Chapter 331 You Must Keep Him Safe

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Seeing that Jessie entered the ward, John immediately breathed a sigh of relief. It took him a long time to come up with a way to reconcile them. He couldn't let her know so soon. He made a gesture of blessing. He thought that something was wrong. In order to make sure everything was okay, he decided to go to the doctor and tell the doctor how to tell Jessie.

He fixed her eyes on the half open door of the ward. He didn't expect that Jessie was so smart.

She was really beyond his expectation.

When Jessie walked into the ward, she saw that Mark was lying on the bed. His face was as pale as a white paper, and his arm was wrapped by a monitor. The sound of the monitor made her feel as if Jessie had returned to the time when Mark had tested poison for her a few months ago...

Her heart ached uncontrollably.

She walked to the bedside, softly pulled the thin quilt covering his body, and sat down on the chair.

Noticing that someone was approaching, Mark opened his eyes slightly. When he saw it was Jessie, he smiled and said, "Honey, you're here."

"Yes. Are you feeling better now?" Her tone was cold and alienated.

Jessie said, "John said that there was a tumor in your head, which was why you fainted. I'll ask Derek to do a full examination for you and then determine the surgery plan and time."

"I didn't expect my wife to be so capable. People who have studied medicine are different. I will listen to you."

"Don't try to fool me. I just know a little about it. It's not as professional as you said."

Looking at the indifferent look on Jessie's face, Mark thought she was angry with him for his bad attitude towards Lawrence. When he was about to reach out to hold her hand, Jessie immediately took her hand back.

After a short pause, Mark asked in confusion, "Honey, what's wrong with you?" He immediately sat up and said, "If you are angry because of my bad attitude, I apologize to you. But you have to understand me. I believe that no men will be happy when he sees his wife hold

ound the answer for the doubts in her heart, she walked out of the office with an uneasy heart.


"Mr. Mark, Mrs. Jessie, you are also here. That's good. I come here to tell you the risks and situations that may happen during the operation."

Standing by the side of Mark, Jessie pressed her lips nervously. She felt uneasy.

The doctor took out a stack of documents about the surgery and handed them to Mark. "Because the position of the tumor oppresses the central nerve, and the size of the tumor is relatively large. If the tumor is benign, it can be removed, but if it is malignant, it needs further treatment. There are some possible incidents here. It's possible, but not necessarily. In so many past surgeries, this kind of situation is not very common. Of course, we can't rule out the possibility."

Listening to the doctor's constant description of what would happen during the operation and the dos and don'ts, Jessie was completely confused. Her mind was in a mess.

She turned her face to look at Mark.

Suddenly, she said, "Doctor, you don't have to say that. No matter it's possible or not, the probability is high or low. All the conditions can't happen to my husband. The operation has to be successful. If anything happens to him, you, including everyone in your hospital, have to pay a heavy price for it!"

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