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   Chapter 330 Sudden Change

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After hanging up the internal line, Mark took out his phone and dialed a number. When the phone was connected, he said, "The plan is ahead of schedule. You immediately arrange for them to fly directly to Argentina."

"What? Argentina?" John was surprised, "Mark, what happened? I'm almost ready." Now everything had to be reversed if they went to Argentina. He had to book a hotel, a church, and everything had to be done in time. Besides, he couldn't just leave so quickly.

"Just keep the things here. There is no need to prepare anything there."

"I don't need to prepare? Then how are you going to do with your wedding?" Asked John. He really couldn't understand.

After a pause, Mark told him his plan. "You prepare everything in Argentina first. I'll take Jessie to the South Pole to propose."

"South Pole! Mark, don't tell me that you're going to raise penguins in the South Pole with her if Jessie doesn't accept your proposal."

With a smile, Mark said, "I've arranged the flight. You can ask all of them get ready and then you can leave directly. You don't have to do anything else ... Ah..." A sharp pain came. Covering his head which was in pain, Mark slipped from the chair to the ground.

"Mark! Mark, are you there?"

Hearing a bang, John frowned and felt uneasy.

The secretary sent the documents and found Mark fainted. The secretary asked someone send Mark to the hospital. As soon as John received the call, he rushed to the hospital.

"Doctor, how is he?" John asked worriedly. Seeing the doctor's serious look, he felt uneasy.

The doctor took out an X-ray result, pointed at the black shadow in his brain, and said, "There is a tumor in Mr. Mark's brain, and now it has suppressed the central nervous system. His condition is not optimistic."

"Tumor? But he didn't have it when he had health check a year ago. How could he..." As far as John could remember, Mark had done the general check-up when he tried the poison for Jessie. How could it happen so suddenly?

"The development of the tumor is really hard to predict. Maybe last year when he had the check, it was so small tha

examination. Derek didn't find any problem with him. Why did the tumor suddenly appear? "What did the doctor say? Is it serious? What's the recovery rate if the operation is successful? What's more, can he be sure whether it's malignant or benign now? Does he need to do a puncture examination first and decide the operation plan after the test result comes out?"

The brain tumor was different from the ordinary tumor. The brain was surrounded by nerves. It was not that easy to remove the tumor.

No matter how simple the operation was, his recovery status was also extremely important. After all, it was a brain operation, and everything must be fully prepared.


Jessie said lots of professional knowledge. John was completely stunned.

He didn't know much about medical knowledge. There were always family doctors who came to help him. Also, Derek was professional, he didn't need to know much about medical knowledge. For him, what Jessie said seemed to be very professional and profound, he really couldn't understand.

Seeing that John didn't say anything, Jessie felt that she had talked with the wrong person. She directly said, "Forget it. I'd better ask the doctor."

"Wait!" John stopped Jessie and said, "I just came out of the doctor's office. He is having an operation now. He is not here. How about you go to see Mark first? He needs you."

After a pause, Jessie said, "Okay."

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