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   Chapter 329 No Freedom

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"Stop it, Jessie. Come back now." Holding back his anger, Mark lowered his voice. They had already given birth to their daughter. How could she still say that she was single?

"No! No! No! You are wrong. Mark, do you think I'm just an accessory to you after I gave birth to a baby for you? I believe that even if I have given birth to a child, Lawrence won't give up on me, right?"

Lawrence nodded, "Of course not."

"You..." Mark was so angry that he turned around and went upstairs.

With a bang, the door was slammed shut. The smile on Jessie's face disappeared in an instant, and her heart ached.

Looking at the disappointed look on her face, Lawrence said in a low voice, "Why do you have to do this? It's hurt."

He had sensed a strange atmosphere since he came in and was hugged by Jessie. When Mark went downstairs, the weird atmosphere became more and more intense. In the end, he was sure that they were having a fighting.

"Jessie, let's go out and have a walk."

It was still a little cold in early spring. Lawrence took off his coat and put it on Jessie. A gust of warmth came. Jessie thanked him softly and the two sat down in the garden.

Jessie asked, "Why are you back? I heard that you helped the prince in L Country."

Lawrence chuckled, "That's not my home. My home and my love are here. Why don't I come back?"

Jessie felt embarrassed and looked away from him.

Lawrence stretched out his hand, gently stroked her hair which was disheveled by the wind, and asked in a soft voice, "Are you happy, Jessie?"

"Yes." Jessie almost blurted out subconsciously. And it was also because of this that Lawrence knew that she was really happy.

"Now that you feel happy, don't bother yourself anymore. You and he have been through a lot." Then he took her hand and said with deep love in his bright eyes, "No matter what happened between us, you are always the one I love most in my heart. No matter you are my sister or beloved, no matter who you are, I wi

just talking nonsense in front of me. I think if you don't take any action, you will soon lose your wife. Of course, in addition to me, I believe that there are many pursuers waiting for Jessie, so... I'm not your only opponent."

After saying that, Lawrence stood up and was about to leave. When he just walked to the door, he suddenly turned around and said with a smile, "Women are not exclusive to anyone. They also need to have their own circle, so don't keep your wife as a pet, which will only keep her away from you. Of course, you can also refuse to accept my advice."


Hearing that, Mark sniffed. Was it wrong for him to be good to his wife and think for her all the time?

There were so many women who wanted to rely on their men. Why Jessie didn't want to?

Although he was angry, Mark had thought carefully about every word Lawrence said.

Recalling the past two months, he found that Jessie was indeed under his control. Now he remembered that she was like a bird locked in a cage, having no freedom at all...

He picked up the phone and dialed the internal line, "Amy, cancel the schedule for the next month."

"Mr. Mark, is there anything happened? Many of them have been determined two months in advance."

"I'm going to the South Pole. Do you think I can come back in a short period?"

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