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   Chapter 328 I Was Still Single

Bullet In The Heart By Mo Ruoxi Characters: 6430

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As soon as Mark came back home from his social engagements, he knew that Jessie hadn't come back yet. He looked up at his watch and found that it was almost 12 o'clock. Then he picked up his phone and called her.

However, her phone had been turned off!

How dared she turn off her phone?

His deep eyes narrowed dangerously. He picked up the computer and turned on the tracker. When he saw the constantly flashing red dot, he suddenly stood up, went downstairs, and drove straight to the destination.

However, as soon as Mark was about to enter the private room, he heard women crying and screaming, which immediately made him nervous.

"John, you must give us an answer today. Will you marry Sharon or not?"

"Yes, I'm telling you. Many people are after Sharon. As far as I know, there are some in Africa, Dubai, America, England and Asia... If you don't want to marry her, just say it. She can also give others a chance, okay?"

Rachel and Jessie were drunk and forcing John to marry Sharon. Sitting alone in the middle of the stage, Sharon looked sad.

Looking at her lonely figure, John felt pain in his heart.

"Well, stop arguing." Sharon suddenly stood up and began to shake left and right because of her unsteady center of gravity. Without thinking too much, John left Rachel and quickly walked up to support her. With a bright smile on her face, Sharon said, "Thank you!" Then she began to cry again, "Are you my good sisters or not? You are all happy. Why am I lonely? Only I can't find my own happiness."

"You, you, and you, I warn you, don't make a match between me and John any more. He is a bastard. He has wasted my youth for so many years. Don't you know that women's youth is very precious? I'm almost a leftover. Why do you still keep bothering me?" As Sharon spoke, she pushed away John who was supporting her and shouted, "From today on, I will leave John. I won't love him anymore. I w

ight reflected through the glass shone on the man's face sideways, showing his perfect features incisively and vividly.

His eyes were full of tenderness. He and said softly, "I'm back, Jessie."

Looking at Lawrence with a smile, Jessie vaguely felt a tall figure on the second floor. An idea occurred to her. She stretched out her hand and ran to Lawrence, holding him in her arms. She said happily, "Why didn't you call me when you came back?"


"Stay away from him!" A deep and angry male voice came through. Mark walked downstairs quickly, walked in front of Lawrence, pulled away her hand from Lawrence's neck and pulled Jessie into his arms. He asked coldly, "Why are you here?"

Lawrence raised his eyebrows and said with a snicker, "I'm here to take her back."

"No way!" He tightened his grip on her shoulder. Jessie glared at him in pain, but it seemed that Mark didn't see it at all. He glared at Lawrence with hostility in his eyes. "I warn you, stay away from my wife, or you will regret."

Jessie stepped back and sand angrily, "Mark, who is your wife? I remember we didn't register. So..." As soon as she took a step forward, she immediately stood beside Lawrence. She raised her eyebrows and said, "I'm still single. I have the right to choose."

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