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   Chapter 327 True Happiness

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Since she hadn't gone out for a long time, Jessie didn't know where to go. When she received a call from Sharon, she made an appointment with her at the biggest shopping mall in the city.

"Jessie, I was surprised that you went out today. I didn't expect that Mr. Mark would let you go out alone." Since Jessie discharged from the hospital, she had been treated more strictly than prisoners by Mark. She had to report everything she had done, not to mention going out, even if she had to eat at home, Mark would call back at any time for a spot check.

It was horrible.

Jessie sighed, "Stop it. I just had a fight with him. You don't know that all the servants at home are talking about Mr. Mark. It seems that what Mark said is the imperial edict. They can listen to him, but why should I listen to him? Have you ever seen anyone who was forced to eat like me? I can't do anything I want. I'd rather die."

"Don't let Mr. Mark hear what you said, or he will be anxious with you again."

Jessie sighed helplessly.

Since she had woken up from her coma, she had felt that Mark had changed a lot. There were something good and bad.

The good thing was that there was always a smile on Mark's face. He was much happier than before. But the bad thing was that his desire for control and possessiveness were too strong. No matter where he was, he was like a God who would control everything. He had to make decisions for everything. He arranged everything, and she was just a puppet that could only obey and cooperate.

What's the difference between her and the past?

His requirement for her was to dress up every day, work on flowers and plants, drink afternoon tea with friends, go shopping, or take her daughter to attend parenting early education.

Such a boring life was not what she wanted at all.

She wanted to go out to work, have her own circle of life, and have her own friends, but all of these were impossible in Mark's mind!

Hearing what Jessie said, Sharon was full of envy.

People would never be satisfied was. That was the way

m in the most luxurious KTV in the city and decided to have fun.

"Rachel, you are finally here." Jessie brought Rachel a bottle of beer and said, "Come on, let's get drunk."

"……" Rachel looked at Sharon and asked, "Why did she come out today? I don't think she is in the right mood."

Sharon shrugged and said coldly, "It's all men's fault."

At first, Rachel was quite sober. But when she listened to Sharon and Jessie's crying and complaining, her bad mood was brought out.

She raised the beer bottle and kept pouring it into her throat. A cold feeling slipped through her throat in an instant, and it was so cold that her stomach was twitching.

"If I don't love you, why I can't fall asleep at night?

Every thought has something to do with you and I miss you!

I miss you so much!

If I don't love you, how could I feel uneasy?

I miss you every day for no reason!

I miss you so much!

Love is torturous, but I can't give up like this!

I kept guessing whether you still have my name in your heart!"

Rachel and Jessie listened to Sharon's beautiful song. There was a hint of bitterness in her charming voice, as if they were brought into her emotional world by her song. They felt sad with her.

At this moment, her phone rang. Jessie took a look at the number and turned it off. She stood up, took the microphone and sang with Sharon.

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