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   Chapter 326 We Had a Daughter - Alisa

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As soon as John and Rachel came in, Sharon, who was behind them, was speechless at the sight of the two people acting like kids.

Rachel said, "Jessie, we just went to see Alisa. She is so cute. How about we have them engaged? By the way, you haven't seen Dylan yet. I'll show you his photos. I can guarantee that Dylan will love Alisa very much. He must be a considerate man."

"Do you know what a considerate man is? It's called playboy. Can you guarantee that you son won't be a playboy in the future?" With a look of contempt on his face, John thought. Actually, he felt jealous.

"John, this is the last time I tell you. Dylan is not a playboy. Your son is a playboy." Rachel shouted with displeasure.

Looking at each other, Mark and Jessie were speechless about the two people who had quarreled with each other every time they met.

"Hey, stop arguing. I want to ask, who is Alisa?" Jessie said in a weak voice.

"Your daughter, of course! Is this name cute? I named her with John." Rachel raised her eyebrows and took a look at John. The two who had just finished quarreling showed a smug smile again. These two adults were just like kids.


Sharon stepped forward and said, "It's her parents' business to give her a name. Why do you do that?"

"Why not? I think it sounds good." Said Rachel.

"That's right. Alisa! What a beautiful name! I think it's good."

As for the baby's name, Mark didn't mind it at all. It mainly depended on Jessie. After all, she gave birth to her at the risk of her life, and she was in charge of everything.

"Honey, what name do you think is good for our princess?"

"You should decide it! Her surname is Lan, not Lin."

"If you want, you can use your last name. I have no objection. We will have more than one child anyway."

"……" Jessie was speechless. "In that case, let's call her Alisa. I think it sounds good too."

Mark was speechles

couldn't control herself anymore. It was almost two months. He still didn't allow her to do anything.

"Grace, tell Mark that from now on, I don't want to eat all these things. Besides, I'm going shopping now. Don't stop me."

Standing aside, Grace didn't dare to make a sound, fearing that she would displease Jessie again.

After taking a few steps, Jessie felt that she didn't treat Grace well just now. She stopped and turned around. "Grace, I don't want to be angry with you. I... I..."

"Mrs. Jessie, I can understand. Mr. Mark said that you have just given birth to a baby. Due to the great physiological change, your mood will be unstable."

Jessie sighed and drove out without looking back.

Just a few seconds later, Jessie's phone rang.

Without a second thought, she knew who it was. As soon as Jessie answered the phone, she heard the roar of Mark like a tsunami. "Honey, where are you now? You can't go out by yourself now. Tell me what you want to buy and I'll buy it for you. Besides, why don't you want to eat those food? Those are good for your health. If you don't listen to me, I will work at home and stay with you twenty-four hours a day."

Jessie stopped suddenly, and shouted at the phone, "Mark, if you dare to do that, I won't let you off!"

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