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   Chapter 325 I Was Grateful to Have You

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Mark paced anxiously outside the operating room, with his heart beating uneasily.

The bright sunlight sprinkled into the long white corridor wantonly. The spacious and bright space was so depressing and deathly silent for Mark.

Suddenly, the light above the operating room went out.

When the doctor came out, Mark and the others immediately walked up to him and asked, "Doctor, how is my wife?"

"Mr. Mark, congratulations. Mrs. Jessie gave birth to a little girl, 2800 grams. They are safe."

"Really? But it is only eight months." Regardless of the reason for the premature birth, Mark asked, "How is my wife now?"

The doctor smiled and said, "Don't worry. Mrs. Jessie is fine. The nurse will send her to the ward later. You can wait in the ward."

The doctor nodded and left. Still in a daze, the crowd behind Mark cheered with excitement.

Rachel said, "Now Jessie has a daughter. Then our Dylan will have a wife. Ha-ha!"

John rolled his eyes and teased, "You wish. Their daughter may not like your son."

"My son is Dylan. He is handsome!" Rachel put her hands on her waist and looked angry. "What do you mean by she may not like Dylan? Is my son very bad? After all, he is a member of the royal family. Why doesn't he deserve her daughter? Besides, my son is so cute and charming. Maybe my son doesn't like her."

"Yes, yes, yes. Your son is brilliant. Don't forget that there are more men and less women now. I will wait and see your son compete with other men for a wife."

"John, I wish you a son too. Let's see if you can still be arrogant!"

"What are you talking about?" As soon as Sharon received the phone call from John, she rushed over. Before she walked out of the elevator, she heard the two quarreling. Taking a glance at the arrogant look on John's face, Sharon scolded, "John, you are so shameless. A man quarrels with a girl here. Don't you feel ashame

d felt very happy.

Her fingers gently scratched the dark eyebrows and said, "You know what? When you smile, you are more charming than when your face is cold. I still remember that when I first saw you, although you were wearing a mask, your eyes and eyebrows had already given out a terrible murderous look. It was really frightening."

"Is it scary? But why do I remember that there was a girl who was not afraid of death and even unmasked me and kissed me?" Hearing that, Mark raised his eyebrows with a snicker on his face.

Blushing, Jessie said shyly, "I was forced to do that!"

Seeing the shyness on Jessie's face, Mark felt itchy in his heart as if a cat was scratching him.

"To be honest, although we have experienced so many things, I really appreciate the two old men. If they hadn't done anything to us, I really don't know when I would find my happiness."

He had never thanked anyone. From childhood to adulthood, he had always complained and hated his father most. Not to mention gratitude, he had never spoken kindly to his father for several times.

Now seeing his daughter and his woman, Mark finally let go of his hatred.

If it weren't for them, he wouldn't have met Jessie and known what happiness was.

Maybe this was fate.

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