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   Chapter 289 Heartless

Bullet In The Heart By Mo Ruoxi Characters: 6635

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"Ha ha," he chuckled awkwardly and said, "is this gentleman also born in C Country?" No matter how handsome he was, in her heart, he was no match for Mark. Even if he was defeated, she still loved this man.

No, why would she compare him with Mark? She was insane!

Barry didn't understand what Jessie meant. He just smiled politely.

It was getting dark. Seeing that it was almost dinner time, Barry proposed to have dinner with Jessie. She wanted to refuse, but she thought why she went back so early since Mark could date with another woman.

Seeing that Jessie nodded, Barry asked the driver to call her.

Jessie couldn't understand what the driver said because she didn't know much about African language and she could only talk to the man in English. She thought he just booked a table in the restaurant, but she didn't expect him to book the whole restaurant.

Looking at the empty and well arranged restaurant, Jessie immediately regretted her decision.

"Miss Qin, I hope you will like it."

"Uh Thank you. " Looking at the red roses in his hands, Jessie felt a little nervous.

She had never been in a hurry to avoid such an active man. It was inconceivable for her to talk so much with him by accident and have dinner together today.

She thought what he said in the car just to ease the atmosphere and make a joke. But she didn't expect him to be serious!

Jessie put the bouquet aside and said politely, "well, I'm sorry. I don't know how to call you."

"My name is Barry."

"Oh, Mr. Barry, in fact, we just met by chance. You really don't have to be so polite. Look at this fancy restaurant and the Michelin chef. You even booked the whole restaurant. It's too expensive. "

"Are you saving money for me? Miss Qin, you are really a special woman. You know what? All the women I know want me to spend money on them, but you make me think I'm too extravagant and wasteful. It seems that I've chosen the right person this time. "

Barry expressed h

ther people's domestic affairs. It was easy for him...

While eating the sweet tiramisu, Marcia was waiting for Mark to come back. She wondered what else he would do next. However, Mark seemed to have changed into another person in just a few minutes.

His face was dark and his body was full of murderous will.

John and the others looked at him suspiciously, and none of them dared to ask. When Marcia saw him come in, she asked directly, "Mr. Mark, what's wrong with you? What happened? "

After taking a look at the crowd, Mark turned to Marcia and said, "Princess Marcia, I have something urgent to deal with. I can't accompany you today. I'm sorry." Then Mark winked at John and turned away.

Marcia stood up in a hurry and wanted to chase after Mark. But John also stood up and stood in front of her, saying, "Princess Marcia, Mark must have something urgent to deal with, or he won't leave like this. Don't be angry. Don't be angry. Come on, tell me what you want to eat and what you want to play. I promise I will make you happy. "

Marcia stared at John coldly. Although she didn't say anything, there was a terrifying murderous look in her delicate eyes.

After a while, she said directly, "since Mr. Mark has left, there is no need to eat any more. I won't waste your time. I'm leaving now. Bye. "

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