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   Chapter 267 Good Sister

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"Well, since you insist, I think you should know my answer without asking. I have only one family in the world. I can't ignore her. " Then Jessie opened the door and got off.

As the car door was slammed shut, Mark stretched out his hand to slap the steering wheel irritably.

Mark really wanted to tell her that Ellie was not her only family in the world. She had a brother! That was the person she cared and nervous most. However, when Mark thought of the Gunfight at the airport in German, he had to swallow it.

Before he was sure about Daniel's true identity, he couldn't say a word, nor would he say a word.

After watching Jessie walking away slowly, Mark turned the car around and drove back.

When the car stopped in front of her, Jessie just glanced at it angrily and continued to walk forward.

All of a sudden, Mark grabbed her arm and said, "all right. It's all my fault. I apologize to you. Don't make trouble anymore."

"Am I making trouble now?" Jessie shook off his hand with all her strength and looked straight into Mark's eyes. "You know I don't have anything now. I don't know who I am and who my family is. I'm like an orphan in the world. You know how I feel, but why did you say that?"

"I... Yes, it's my fault. I was so angry with Ellie today. "

"Are you angry? Ellie just forgot to knock on the door. Is it necessary for you to make a mountain out of a molehill? You have already scolded her. What else do you want? " Seeing that Mark didn't say anything, Jessie looked at him silently for two seconds and sighed, "Forget it. I don't want to quarrel with you either. I know you are tired. You can go back first. I will go to find Ellie myself."

"No way!" Mark didn't know what was going on between Aria and Lawrence. He didn't know whether Daniel would come to kill her or not. Jessie was still in danger.

She couldn't be alone.

"Why can't I? In the past twenty years, I

on, she came back with a small bag.

Ellie said, "Sister, you can find a place to put me down later. I don't have much money with me. I have to find a place to live first."

"A place to live? Why don't you go home? " Aria asked.

"Well, that's enough. I was loathed by my sister and her man. After we had a big fight, I ran out myself. "

"……" Aria looked at her with a frown. "You are a family. How can they dislike you? I don't think it's safe for you to stay in that kind of small hotel. You'd better go home as soon as possible. "

Ellie shook her head. "I don't have a home anymore. My home has been broken up by my so-called sister. Why should I go back. I don't want to live under other people's roof. I don't want to see their faces. "

Aria sighed and looked at her.

After a while, Aria stepped on the gas and said, "Since we are so congenial and you don't want to go home, you can go to my house first. Let's talk about it tomorrow. "

"Really?" Ellie looked at her in surprise and disbelief.

Seeing that Aria nodded with a smile, Ellie was so happy that she was about to fly away as if she had won a lottery. Ellie shook Aria's arm and thanked her.

Aria frowned, "Okay, let go of me. I'm driving. Don't be so happy that you even lose your life. "

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