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   Chapter 266 Her Or Me

Bullet In The Heart By Mo Ruoxi Characters: 6564

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Although Mark had seen through Jessie's mind for a long time, Ellie had grown up in a greenhouse with a golden key in her hands. She was more stubborn.

How could she let Mark say that without refuting.

Ellie's beautiful almond eyes widened, and her face instantly darkened. She said seriously, "Mrs. Mark, what do you mean by that! Yes, I just interrupted you and your sister, but I have apologized to you. Why do you still hold me. I know you wouldn't have let me live here if it weren't for Jessie. You even thought that I was pretending to approach you. Do you think that I had an affair with you and had done something bad to Jessie? You are wrong. I won't have such dirty thoughts no matter how bad I am. You are an excellent man and many women expect you to be, but I will never fall in love with a man like you. You are arrogant. Do you really think that people will stick to you when they see you? I disdain you. Humph! "

With a bang, the door was slammed shut. Ellie was furious and her face turned red.

'I don't like you. You are a self righteous man!

No matter how bad I am, I won't give it to you! How dare you threaten me? You thought I was afraid of you?

It was you who asked me to move in, not me begging you to let me in. Since you protected Jessie so much, why did you still allow me to move in?

You had to play the former role and the latter role!


The more Ellie thought about it, the angrier she became. Without saying anything, she went back to her room, picked up her only small bag and went downstairs.

Seeing Ellie walking towards the door angrily, Grace immediately stepped forward and asked, "Miss Ellie, where are you going? The dinner is about to begin. "

Ellie said angrily, "It's none of your business! All of you are hypocritical. You said you were good to me, but you turned around and disliked me. I know I'm a person who has been in prison and has never read any books or education. Just bully me.

balance in Marl's heart was obviously out of balance.

All of a sudden, Mark turned the steering wheel and saw the car turn around at once. In surprise, Jessie looked at him and said, "What are you doing? We are going to the city center."

"Go home!" He said two words coldly. He was in no mood to talk to her anymore.

"No, I'm going to look for Ellie."

At the foot of a sudden step on the brake, Jessie immediately rushed forward, scared her heart beating uneasily.

As soon as Jessie came to her senses, she scolded, "Mark, what are you thinking about? If you are angry, just vent your anger on me. I only have one sister. If you don't like her, I can go with her."

Biting his teeth tightly, Mark didn't say a word. His eyes, which were full of anger, could clearly see that he was angry!

Knowing that she had said something wrong to displease him, Jessie turned her head stubbornly. The tense atmosphere in the room instantly dropped to the freezing point.

The dead silence was suffocating.

After a long while, Mark said in a low voice, "You choose one between Ellie and me. Do you want her or me?"

Suddenly, Jessie turned around, looked at Mark in astonishment, and questioned, "What do you mean by saying that choose one between you two? Mark, is this how you treat me well? "

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