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   Chapter 261 It Doesn't Matter As Long As You Are Happy

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Jessie was absent-minded during the whole meal. No matter what Mark said to her, she would answer him "Okay", "Okay" and "whatever". Seeing her like this, Mark had prepared a lot of words to say, but now he could only keep them in him.

Noticing that Jessie was not in the mood to eat, the two of them had some food casually. Then, Mark proposed to leave.

The awkward atmosphere continued from the dining room to the car. Unable to hold back anymore, Mark asked, "Jessie, what's wrong with you today? I called you this afternoon, but the line was busy. Who were you talking to? "

Jessie looked at Mark in confusion.

"Mark, do you regret knowing me?"

"……" The more Mark looked at her, the more suspicious he became. Mark was sure that something was wrong with Jessie. It must have something to do with the phone call. "What are you talking about? How can I regret it? The last thing I regret in my life is to meet you and marry you. Honey, what's wrong with you today? Everything is fine at noon. Can't you tell me anything? "

"Honey..." In the face of such an intimate address, Jessie's heart twitched inexplicably.

Looking at her quietly, Mark was extremely anxious. His heart was like an ant on a hot pot. He was burning with anxiety, but there was nothing he could do.

Even if Jessie didn't want to tell him, he could know what had happened, but he didn't want to do that. He didn't want the misunderstanding between them to happen again. Their trust was like treading on thin ice. If they didn't build their trust little by little, he didn't know what more terrible things would happen in the future.

So the only way he could do was to wait.

After a long time, Jessie said, "Our marriage is not voluntary. In fact, you don't have to be so good to me. It's really unnecessary."

"Honey, what do you want to say?" As soon as Mark heard Jessie say that he didn't need to be good to her, Mark's heart began to sha

n danger, you will go all out... I sincerely hope that you don't feel pressure for the way I have been protecting you and doing everything for you. I don't want you to be with me because of this.

Jessie stared at him, confused.

What Mark said seemed to be reasonable, but how could she accept everything he gave so easily?

The car started. The two of them kept silent all the way.

Soon, the car stopped at the gate of the villa. "Go in quickly. You haven't slept well these days. Go to bed early." Mark said.

"…… Aren't you going in? "

"No, there is a big project in the company recently. I guess I will be busy for several days. Just have a good rest at home. If you want to eat anything, just tell Grace. If you want to go out, take two bodyguards with you. Safety first. " Then she took out a black card and handed it to Jessie. "This card should have been given to you three years ago. You can use it. You don't have to save money for me."

Looking at the card in Mark's hand, Jessie felt a lump in her throat and a lump in her throat.

"Mark, you..."

"Honey, go back to sleep. Good night. " Mark reached out, clasped the back of her head, lowered his head and gave Jessie a deep kiss on the forehead.

'Jessie, as long as you are happy, I don't care anything.'

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