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   Chapter 260 Killing In Love

Bullet In The Heart By Mo Ruoxi Characters: 7158

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Seeing that Jessie went upstairs in pain, Grace was also a little worried and anxious. What she was worried about was not only her headache, but also her relationship with Mark.

Although the relationship between the two seemed to be getting better, she still felt that there was something wrong with Jessie. It seemed that Jessie was deliberately showing the intimacy between her and Mark. Whether it was kissing or holding hands, there was always a faint pain and forbearance in her eyebrows.

They were husband and wife, and they were in love with each other. Why would people have such an illusion?

Grace didn't understand and was confused. Maybe it was just her illusion.

After returning to her room, Jessie took out the headache medicine she had asked the servant to buy, poured five pills into her mouth and swallowed them.

Since she woke up, she often had a terrible headache, especially at night. It was so painful that she could not fall asleep.

This situation has not been for a while. Since Jessie was in Germany, she began to have frequent headaches. With the passage of time, the number and degree of headaches have become more and more severe.

In fact, she also wanted the doctor to have a check-up, but she didn't want Mark to know.

She owes him so much that she feels that it has never been clear in her life. Seeing that Mark is fresh and in a good mood recently, she doesn't want to give him any more trouble. She can only use painkillers to restrain this pain.

When Jessie was about to fall asleep, her phone rang.

She answered the phone. Before she could say anything, the other party's voice came.

"Jasmine, how are you doing with Mark?"

When Jessie heard Aria's voice, her heart skipped a beat.

Since Aria had known that she was with Mark, so Lawrence...

After a pause, Jessie said in a deep voice, "Just say it. I don't think you are here to care about me."

"Ha ha, I didn't expect that after using all kinds of methods, Lawrence was still unable to defeat Mark. What a different fate!" Aria's tone was full of sarcasm.

"Aria, what do you want to say?"

"Nothing. I just want

me up to clean it up later."

Hearing that, Grace continued, "by the way, Mr. Mark just called and asked the driver to pick you up for dinner later. He saw you were talking on the phone all the time, so he called home. "

"Dinner?" Jessie was not in the mood to eat now. Even if there have dragon meat, she might not be able to eat it. But it was good to go out. There were too many people at home, and it was inconvenient to talk. "Okay, I see."

At five o'clock in the afternoon, the driver came back to pick up Austin. After changing her clothes, Jessie went downstairs. When she reached the corner of the garden, she heard the servants planting flowers chatting in the garden.

"Mr. Mark is so nice to Mrs. Jessie. I'm so envious of her."

"What do you think? In the past, Mr. Mark didn't like Mrs. Jessie at all. It was Mrs. Jessie who wanted to marry into the Lan family. What she had done to Mr. Mark was really not done by anyone." A servant with a look of contempt and sneer said, "I don't know what's wrong with Mr. Mark's brain. Mrs. Jessie had shot Mr. Mark so many times, but he was still so loyal to Mrs. Jessie. Does he think that Mrs. Jessie is the only woman in the world?"

"What? Mrs. Jessie had shot Mr. Mark before? Tell me what happened. "

Standing at the place where Jessie turned around, she was trembling.

It turned out that what Aria said was right. She had indeed killed Mark before.

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