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   Chapter 258 Who Will Be The Final Winner

Bullet In The Heart By Mo Ruoxi Characters: 6483

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When Mark arrived at the villa with Jessie in his arms, Derek had already been waiting for them.

After a series of checks, Derek said, "Mrs. Jessie is basically fine except for the wound on her head. But... "

"But what? Say it."

Derek looked at him and wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. "Mrs. Jessie was drugged."

His eyes narrowed dangerously, murderous.

"Why didn't she react?" Mark asked that. Generally, people would react more or less when being drugged. But when Mark saw her, she was always in a coma state, only occasionally saying one or two words "very painful" in the car, which was not the state of being drugged at all.


"Maybe it's because the wound on her forehead is too serious." Derek said.

Looking sideways at him, Mark didn't believe what Derek had guessed at all.

After dressing the wound, Derek left with her assistant.

Not long after Derek left, Nick came.

"Has everything been settled?" Mark asked in a low voice

The man nodded and said, "Selina and the bald man have been sent to X city. There will be a special snake head response there. The Zhou Group has sent someone to deal with it. "

After thinking for a while, Mark said in a low voice, "Send the video to Lawrence."

"Send it to him?" "Master, do you want Lawrence to deal with Zed?" Nick was surprised and puzzled.

Seeing that Mark didn't say a word, she continued, "Master, why did you do that? Since Mrs. Jessie left, there has been no news from Lawrence. Maybe he doesn't want to care about Mrs. Jessie anymore. Why do you have to tell him about it? Isn't it better if they are like this? "

"Do you think he will give up so easily?" Turning his head sharply, Mark took a look at Nick and stood up. Putting his hands in the bags, he sighed deeply and said, "I think he hasn't known that Jessie left the villa. If I'm not wrong, someone must have plotted what happened that night. I t

, I felt that there was something wrong with the wine."

"Maybe there is something wrong with the wine, or there is something wrong with the bartender. Why don't you investigate them and question me?" With an innocent look on her face, Aria looked at Eden and sighed helplessly. "Eden, I know you always think that I'm crossing the line in your heart. It's because I'm too proud to compete with Jasmine. It's because I shouldn't fall in love with Lawrence. No matter what I do, you always think that I'm wrong. I can understand what you think of me, but I also hope that you don't look at me with different eyes. Any relationship should be respected, just like you silently like Jasmine. "


Aria smiled bitterly and patted Eden on the shoulder, as if comforting him or making him stop where he should stop. When Aria left the villa, Eden felt like there was a heavy stone in his heart.

He narrowed his eyes and thought, 'Aria, if you dare to hurt Mr. Mark and Mrs. Jessie, I won't let you go!'!

As soon as she got on the car, Aria immediately took out her phone and dialed a number. When the phone was connected, she ordered coldly, "catch Eden for me. If he doesn't obey, kill him. Remember, do it clean and don't get me in trouble. You'd better put the blame on Mark. "

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