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   Chapter 256 Vicious Woman

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Seeing that Jessie was dubious, Selina continued, "By the way, why are you alone? Where is Mr. Mark? He loves you so much. Why didn't he come out with you?"

Mr. Mark?

Jessie thought she was talking about Mark. Jessie smiled and said, "Oh, he's gone to work."

"Went to work? I thought you had divorced." Selina's words made Jessie blush and feel bad. Now that they were like this, it was no different from divorcing. Selina said, "By the way, I have an appointment with my friends to karaoke. I think you are free too. Let's go together. We are classmates. Let's have a good time together."

"Well, thank you. But I have something else to do. Maybe next time."

"What's so important? We haven't seen each other for three years. Why did you refuse me as soon as I came back?"

Although Jessie seldom refused others, she still refused Selina several times. But when she saw that Selina insisted, she couldn't refuse anymore.

The three of them took a taxi to the biggest and most luxurious KTV in the city.

"Selina, why are you so late? Wow! You even brought beautiful women here. You are so lucky today."

A bald man came over and put his arm around Selina's shoulder. He lowered his head and kissed her on the face with his thick lips. Selina patted him on the chest and said, "Well, stop it. There are not only beauties today, but also a classmate I haven't seen for a long time."

"Classmate? Who is it?"

The people in the room stretched out their necks curiously. Selina turned around and pulled in Jessie, who was standing at the door, and said, "Look!"

"Jessie!" Everyone exclaimed in surprise. One of them asked, "Jessie, you have lived a good life in the past three years. You didn't even have to attend classes or exams to get your graduation certificate. You didn't attend the school anniversary event either. We thought you were going to be the president's wife."

Embarrassed, Jessie didn't know how to respond.

Selina pulled her to sit down on the sofa. Seeing that Jessie was still so r

there always so many dangers and cunning around you?'

She tried hard to open her eyes and slowly calmed down with her consciousness.

After a while, she said, "Well, can I go to the bathroom first? I think there must be some misunderstanding between us."

"Misunderstanding? Are you sure it's a misunderstanding?" Zed raised his eyebrows and looked at her in a daze. She seemed to be on the verge of collapsing. She couldn't escape. So, he said, "The bathroom is right next to the door. Hurry up. I don't have much patience."

Nodding her head, Jessie immediately supported herself with her hands, and slowly walked towards the bathroom with the help of the wall.

Jessie had thought she would be dead this time, but when she just stepped into the KTV, Mark received a call from Nick.

"Young master, Mrs. Jessie was brought to Grand KTV by Selina."

"Grand KTV!" Hearing that, Mark frowned. That place was like a paradise for men. How could she go there?

"Who is Selina?"

Nick was speechless.

"Selina is Mrs. Jessie's classmate. She colluded with the beast professor in college to frame Mrs. Jessie. She..."

"I see. You go there with your men at once. I'll be there soon."

Biting his teeth, Mark squinted his sharp eyes.

'Selina, I let you go last time. But you didn't quit. Don't blame me for being rude this time!'

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