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   Chapter 250 A Lovely And Stupid Woman

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A warm current penetrated her heart and instantly made her eyes wet.

At this moment, she finally recognized her heart. She finally knew what was the difference between Mark and Lawrence.

That was the feeling of peace and security.

Jasmine stretched out her arms and hugged Mark's strong body. Tears fell quietly, and she felt very secure in her heart.

It seemed that wherever she was, she felt safe and unrestrained if Mark was with her.

After taking off his coat and putting it on Jasmine, Mark helped her up and suddenly glanced at the man who was pressed against the wall. His eyes were blurred and his face flushed. At this moment, there was still a smile on his face.

Turning to look at Jasmine, Mark asked, "who is he? He was drugged. Don't you know that? "


Jasmine stared at Eden in a daze. She still had a lingering fear at the thought of what had happened just now, but she still believed in Eden. He would not be such a frivolous and beast person.

He was always cautious. Who on earth drugged him?

"He is Lawrence's assistant. What are you going to do to him, Mark?"

"What do you want me to do with him?" Noticing the confusion and unwillingness in Jasmine's eyes, he decided to let her make the decision. "I will listen to you. You can do whatever you want. I only have one request, that is, don't hurt yourself."

Jasmine raised her head and looked at Mark. This man was as lofty and serious as a God. He could always be considerate and timely to take care of her thoughts every time. And every time he asked her to be fine and happy.

How could she meet such a perfect and rare man in the world.

Jasmine raised her head slightly and looked at him with admiration.

Mark lowered his head and said in an ambiguous tone, "woman, if you keep looking at me like this, I will think that you are inviting me to spend a good night with you."


Jasmine was a little embarrassed. Her pale face turned red.

She lowered her head and bit her lips tightly. She really

n. Your wounds haven't healed yet. I'm afraid."

"I'm not afraid. What are you afraid of?" He tightened his hands around his waist and said, "honey, do you know how I have been through these three years? I have lived for more than twenty years, but I have never thought of someone like this, nor have I tried to be so lonely. Now that you have come back, do you still want me to live a widowed life? "

Widowed... Widowed life?

The corners of Jasmine's mouth twitched. Wasn't this word used to women?

"Brother, is your Chinese what P.E. teacher taught you? I don't think you can use the word 'widowed'. Besides, I'm not your wife. It's not me who makes you feel lonely. Why do you want to see me? "

The more she said, the more depressed Jasmine felt.

Everyone said that she was Jessie, but she still didn't believe it. Even if she believed that it maybe the truth, she didn't feel at ease as she didn't remember it for a day.

Every time she heard them talk about what happened between them, she felt envious and jealous, as if her heart was pricked by a needle.

Jasmine was so sad that she felt a sharp pain on her lips all of a sudden. She let out a light cry, glared at Mark and said, "are you a dog? Why did you bite me?"

"I'm biting you, stupid woman. I've never seen a woman like you who is jealous of herself. Idiot! "

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