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   Chapter 246 I Want To See You Die In Pain

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The servants lowered their heads and didn't dare to make a sound. Since Aria was here, she was more important than anyone else. No matter how confused they were, they had to mind their own business for survival.

After that, the servants went back to work.

Seeing that Aria left angrily, Eden was confused. 'why is master so cruel to Miss Qin?' he wondered?

On second thought, it was natural for his master to treat Jasmine like this. After all, it was all because of Miss Qin that his master had been hurt.

He thought that his master was too angry to do so. He just wanted to punish Miss Qin.

Thinking of this, the doubts in his heart vanished.

At the same time, in the room on the second floor.

Jasmine went back to her room and didn't make any noise, as if her previous resentment against Lawrence and her heart that was about to leave had disappeared in an instant.

She only hoped that Lawrence could recover as soon as possible.

The door was suddenly opened from the outside.

Then she saw Aria come in with a cold face. Jasmine asked, "what's up?"

"Do you think I will be willing to see you if there is nothing else?" Her tone was full of sneer and disdain.

Jasmine glanced at her and said nothing.

Because of Lawrence, Aria had always regarded her as an enemy. Now that Lawrence had suffered so much for her, Aria must hate her to the core.

Aria walked in, closed the door and locked it.

She looked around the room with her cold eyes. The luxuriously decorated room showed how much Lawrence loved Jasmine. Seeing this, Aria gnashed her teeth in hatred.

Especially for the photo on the bedside table, Lawrence stood side by side with Jasmine. Lawrence held Jasmine in his arms with one hand, and his eyes were full of love for her. The bright smiles on the two women's faces were even more dazzling to Aria.

Jasmine glanced at her coldly and said, "since you don't want to see me, just say it."

"Are you driving me out? Jasmine, do you think you are still the same girl as before? " "B

on as possible. Or do you want me to wash myself before you do it? "

Looking at the indifferent look on Jasmine's face, she seemed to be sure that Aria didn't dare to do anything. Seeing this, Aria was furious.

Aria threw down the photo frame in her hand, reached out and pinched Jasmine's delicate neck, pushing her directly to the bed, and sat directly on her, looking down at her with her murderous eyes.

"Do you really think that I dare not kill you?"

"Just kill me if you have guts."


She tightened her grip on her neck, and the air she lacked seemed to be sucked dry in an instant. A sense of death was getting closer and closer to her head.

Jasmine's delicate face turned from white to red because of the lack of oxygen, and then to dark purple. Seeing her face crumpled up in pain, her eyes closed and her mouth slightly open, as if she was waiting for death, Aria suddenly let go of her hand.

The fresh air suddenly came, and Jasmine seemed not to accept this sudden happiness, constantly coughing.

She said in a hoarse voice, "what? Are you a coward in the end? Don't you dare to let me die? "

Suddenly, Aria pulled out a pistol from her back and pressed it against Jasmine's forehead. She said coldly, "if I let you die like this, I will let you off easily. I'll torture you slowly and watch you die in pain."

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