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   Chapter 245 I Know You Are Not Happy

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"Enough!" Lawrence couldn't help but roar, because his wound was pulled by anger. The pain made him frown and grit his teeth.

"Take her out. I don't want to see her."


"Get out of here!"

As soon as Lawrence gave the order, Aria immediately shouted out loud, "Come in!" When she saw two subordinates coming in, she said, "take Miss Qin out. Without sir's permission, she is not allowed to leave the villa. "


Jasmine looked straight at Lawrence, feeling a pang of sadness in her heart.

She knew it was all her fault this time. It was she who made him so badly injured. She shouldn't have stayed with Mark without caring about his feelings... Lawrence should be angry and do whatever he wanted to do to her.

Jasmine stood up, looked at Aria and said, "please take good care of him. Thank you."

"Do you think I'm you?"

Jasmine's heart missed a beat. Without saying anything more, she turned around and walked out of the room.

The moment the door was closed, Lawrence turned his head. The pain in his heart was thousands of times more than that in his body.

In fact, he knew what was wrong between Jasmine and him. She felt that he was too strict with her and deprived her of all her freedom, as if she had to obey his arrangement.

But Jasmine didn't know that he actually hated himself like this.

In the face of this hard won love, Lawrence was always afraid of losing. He was always nervous and uneasy.

He was afraid of losing Jasmine. He was afraid that when Jasmine knew what he had done, she would leave him resolutely without looking back.

He was afraid that when she came into contact with Mark, she would rekindle the love that had disappeared.

In fact, he was more afraid than she knew.

Sometimes even he looked down upon himself. But what could he do else?

Except for every threat, trick and temper, what else could he do to her!

"Aria, don't treat Jasmine so rudely i

nce still felt uneasy and kept recalling what she had just said.

What on earth would she do to Jasmine!

She said she wouldn't hurt Jasmine, but how could he not believe it?


When his subordinate heard Lawrence's voice, he immediately opened the door and came in. Lawrence said, "send two people to watch over Jasmine. Ask someone to do all her daily lives separately."

"Yes, sir!"

"Besides, no one is allowed to enter her room except the housekeeper without my order. Report to me if anything happens. "

"Yes, sir."

Lawrence thought about it for a long time, but couldn't think of anything else, so he asked his subordinates to retreat.

In fact, Aria didn't go far. When she saw her subordinate coming out of the room, her face suddenly darkened. She clenched her fists and looked at the closed door. She gritted her teeth and thought, 'Lawrence, since you don't trust me, don't blame me for being ruthless.'.

She went downstairs, went straight into the kitchen and ordered, "Sir said that he would not prepare food for Miss Qin from today on."

"What?" The servant was surprised. Normally, sir used the best material to make food for Miss Qin every day.

"What? You don't listen to sir? If anyone dares to disobey the order, get out of here immediately. "

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