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   Chapter 236 I Was an Abnormal Woman

Bullet In The Heart By Mo Ruoxi Characters: 6647

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Seeing that Jasmine had left, Lawrence glanced at Aria and snapped, "Aria, what are you doing? I'm telling you, if I can't solve this problem, you can get out of here."

Aria's eyes darkened. She gritted her teeth.

He was also obsessed with the kiss just now. As soon as Jasmine appeared, he blamed her. If he didn't have feelings for her, how could he kiss her so obsessed?

Although she was full of resentment, Aria didn't show it.

She said calmly, "Sir, don't you see that Miss Jasmine is jealous?" Lawrence glanced at her, not knowing what she was talking about. Aria sighed and said, "Sir, you really don't know women well. All women are duplicitous. She just said that she wouldn't disturb us, which means that she is angry and jealous. All these years, you always accommodate her and think for her. There is a common characteristic of people, that is, they never learn to treasure before they lose. Therefore, when she sees the existence of danger, she will naturally become nervous. It will be much easier for you to explain to her at this time."

"Really?" Lawrence questioned.

Aria looked up in the look indicating Lawrence that he could give it a try.

Lawrence glanced at her and thought for a while. "It would better work. Otherwise, I won't forgive you."

Lawrence went out on crutches. With her back to the door, Aria stared at the colorful flowers outside the window. She felt suffocated.

Lawrence looked around the house, but didn't see Jasmine. He asked the servants and knew that she went to the garden house alone.

The glass garden house was specially built for her three years ago. When she woke up and found that she had lost all her memories, she had been depressed and unhappy. He tried many ways to make her happy but failed. It was a flower petal falling from a pagoda tree in the garden that made her smile. After that, he ordered someone to build the glass garden for her, so that she could be happy and have something to do every day to kil

continue to endure for thirteen years, thirty years, or even my whole life. In my heart, no one can compare with you, except you, I don't want anyone!"

"Lawrence... You really don't need to do that, you..."

"If you dare to say one more word and ask me to find another woman, I promise I will strangle you to death!" Then Lawrence left with his crutch without looking back.

Looking at his receding figure, Jasmine had mixed feelings.

When she saw him kissing Aria, her heart ached for a moment, but then she felt relieved.

Every time she saw that Lawrence was enduring his sexual desire, her heart ached.

She was a woman with a healthy body, but she didn't know why she would have those strange reactions at critical moments.

She was no longer a virgin. Why did she react like that?

Over the years, she had been looking for famous doctors all over the world. Some doctors said that this was her inner resistance. As long as she encountered this kind of thing, her subconsciousness would react and control her body. But she didn't understand why she resisted subconsciously when she was fine before?

All of a sudden, Mark's name came to her mind. She recalled the conversation between Lawrence and Mark in the bar. Could it be that she really had something to do with Mark before she lost her memory?

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