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   Chapter 229 He Is Just A Stranger

Bullet In The Heart By Chang Du Characters: 7234

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"Jasmine, come down." Mark had known what Jasmine wanted to do since she pressed the sunroof button. Although the height of the car was not very high, it was not easy for her to push herself out with the strength of her arms. He felt that he had enough time to watch her climb out and pull her back.

But he didn't expect that Jasmine was so agile. She stepped on the handrail and jumped out of the car.

If he hadn't held her leg in time, she would have run away.

"Jasmine, come down. It's dangerous outside. Come down quickly. "

"No! Unless you open the door, I don't want to stay with a neuropathy. "


She said he was crazy!

Mark gritted his teeth in the cold weather, but he had no choice but to put up with this woman who didn't have a strong sense of security.

"Okay, I'll open the door. Come down quickly."

I'll come down after you open the door."

"……" Mark had planned to get her down first, but he didn't expect that the trick would fail. He had no choice but to open the door. After hearing a click, Jasmine withdrew her body with satisfaction.

But just as she slightly squatted down, another gunshot came, and the bullet flew over her head.

Jasmine was frightened and immediately shrank into the car. Outside the car, a few men in black were running towards the right building with guns in their hands. After locking the door and stepping on the accelerator, the car flew out like an arrow.

Sitting in the back seat, Jasmine's face was pale and her heart was beating fast. She was too scared to say a word.

Raising his head to look at the rearview mirror, Mark comforted, "it's all right. Don't be afraid. I'm here with you. You'll be fine."

"Thank you just now." Jasmine thanked Mark in a low voice. She had thought that Mark was here to make trouble for her on purpose. It was not until she saw the bullet flying over her head that she realized that the man who had been shot down on the street had died for her.

How could she forget that someone wanted to kill her!

"Send me back to the hotel." Said Jasmine. She didn't want to be a burden to anyone, nor did she want to see Mark get hurt because


Hearing that, Mark didn't say a word. He raised his eyebrows and looked at John, as if he was saying, "this is your woman. Explain it yourself."

John," ..."

They usually didn't tell others about this kind of confidential matter, although they had been talking about it openly in front of Sharon. If she was smart, she could understand. If she was stupid, then no wonder they didn't tell her in detail.

Besides, she was nobody to him!

Noticing that John wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought, Sharon understood that there was something that she shouldn't have known, so she didn't ask too much. She simply changed the topic and said, "by the way, I want to ask you a favor, Mark."

"Why don't you ask me if you need anything? Mark don't have time to talk to you at all!" John was immediately dissatisfied. He was her fiance. If there was anything wrong, why didn't she ask her own man for help!

Sharon glanced at him with a sullen look, indicating him to go away. "When I was a volunteer in our country, I went to the women's prison to do physical examination for them. I found that Ivy had a cancer. She knew I knew Jessie. Yesterday, I received a call from the warden, saying that Ivy wanted to see me and had something to tell me. Because I will fly to Niger the day after tomorrow. I don't know who to ask for help. After thinking for a long time, I think you are the most suitable person. "

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