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   Chapter 224 Break Up

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Updated: 2020-05-07 00:25

Jasmine was speechless and sneered. She had thought that the two of them just had different view of love, so every time Lawrence lost control of himself, she would use "he loves her very much" to explain all his crazy behaviors.

But today, she found that they not only had different views of love, but also had completely different views of life, values and the world.

Perhaps, they were not from the same world at all.

Seeing the mockery and disdain on Jasmine's face, Lawrence's angry eyes were even more burning with anger. He reached out and grabbed her thin shoulder, lifted her up in an instant, and snapped: "what are you laughing at! Do you think everything I have done is ridiculous? In your heart, you don't care about my love for you at all. You have never loved me, right? "

Looking at this crazily roaring sound, Jasmine's heart trembled slightly. She was very clear that at this moment, Lawrence was like a firecracker. Even if the gunpowder was not too much, it could still hurt people.

She felt that the best way to solve this situation at this moment was to leave. If the two people kept in such a stalemate, she really couldn't guarantee what Lawrence would do.

She needed to calm down, and Lawrence needed more!

"Lawrence, calm down." Jasmine lowered her voice and tried her best to speak in the most peaceful tone, "I know you are very tired after getting off the plane. I also know that you are anxious because of my injury. I don't want to quarrel with you. Quarrels will only hurt our feelings. Take a shower first and have a rest. We can talk after you calm down, okay. I am waiting for you here."

After saying that, Lawrence thought for a long time and released her hand. He looked dejectedly at the frightened face of Jasmine in front of him.

The hand that had just fallen down slowly stretched out again, and Jasmine's body instinctively shrank back

arp blade.

Jasmine stood blankly like a soulless puppet, without saying a word or any reaction. Even all her previous resistance had been stopped.

Tears blurred her eyes and she looked at somewhere desperately.

"Jasmine, I will love you. I will love you and spoil you for the rest of my life, as long as you don't leave me." While kissing her, Lawrence kept expressing his love for her till death.

However, he didn't know that these words were like jokes to Jasmine now, extremely ridiculous.

Jasmine slowly pulled down the last defense line on her body. Lawrence looked at her in astonishment. He was happy for her initiative, but he was also confused.

"Jasmine," Lawrence called her name softly.

"Don't you want to have sex with me? I'll give it to you, but on one condition. " After a short pause, Jasmine looked at Lawrence in front of her with a pair of desperation. She said in a neither humble nor pushy voice, "you can have sex with me as you want. You can do whatever you want. I'm at your disposal today. But from now on, we will break up. "

Break up?!

Lawrence was stunned. He had never thought that one day, Jasmine would say something like that.

She was his. She would always be his. She couldn't do this. She couldn't...

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