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   Chapter 223 It's Enough

Bullet In The Heart By Mo Ruoxi Characters: 6899

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Jasmine stayed in Carl's castle for one night and proposed to go back to the hotel on the second day. Although Mark had been persuading her, he still couldn't change her decision to leave.

"Jasmine, I don't mind if you want to go back to the hotel. But the wound on your foot hasn't healed, and the person who wanted to kill you hasn't been found out yet. I'm worried about your safety." Mark knew that the reason why Jasmine left was mostly because of his sudden loss of control yesterday. In order to avoid embarrassment between them, he simply put the key point in other places.

With a faint smile on her face, Jasmine said, "my foot injury is no longer serious. I'm going to check if there is any air ticket to return home these two days. My fiance is still waiting for me at home. As long as I go back, my safety should not be too much of a problem. Thank you for taking care of me these days. "

Her tone was polite and alienated.

The two of them seemed to have returned to the time when they had known each other for the first time, and Jasmine had become very reserved and uneasy.

Mark fixed his eyes on her. His eagle like sharp eyes seemed to be able to see through everything. Seeing that, Jasmine turned her head and quickly avoided eye contact with him.

Mark had known that Jasmine would come back, but he didn't understand why she cried heartbroken the day before because of his fiance cheating on her and she was about to come back only one night!

She was such a beautiful woman. Why did she have to live such a miserable life.

No matter how much reluctance he had in his heart, he didn't say anything more.

Mark got off the car, walked around the front and opened the door of the passenger seat.

Handsome and gentleman. Jasmine got off the car, said "thank you" in a low voice and walked into the hotel.

"Jasmine!" Seeing the figure of Jasmine, Lawrence immediately rushed forward and held her in his arms. As soon as Lawrence got off the plane, he rushed to the hotel. When he heard from the lobby manager that Jasmine ha

isdain came out of his mouth, and every word was like a bullet into her heart. Blood was dripping, and she was overwhelmed with pain!

They looked at each other, one angry and malicious, and the other sad and desperate and painful.

"It turns out that I am such a person in your heart!" With a sneer, tears welled up in her bright eyes. Jasmine sniffed hard and held back her tears. She said coldly, "Lawrence, are you sure you love me, not just to occupy me?"

Lawrence," ..."

"You said you loved me. Yes, you gave me everything. You made me the envy of everyone. But do you really know what I want?"

"Isn't it enough for me to give you wealth and all my love?" Lawrence asked in reply. Many women had never met a good man or a good relationship, and they were hurt all over. There were also some people, even if their love was complete, the real life was that the two of them were busy for three meals, and they were living a hard life for money every day.

But what about Jasmine?

She not only lived a luxurious life, but also had a fiance who loved her so much and treasured her so much. She could also live the life she wanted as long as she wanted. He could give her anything she wanted... Even if she wanted the stars in the sky, he would try his best to satisfy her.

For all these things that others could not even dream of, what else did she want!

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