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   Chapter 221 If I Don't Deserve It, Do You Deserve It

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Jasmine was stunned. She didn't expect that it was Aria who wanted to kill her!

Wasn't she afraid that Lawrence would know?

Jasmine slowly clenched her fists.

Although Jasmine didn't say anything in the end, all her reactions were seen by Mark.

After walking out of the room, Nick asked, "young master, what should we do now? Do you need me to get rid of that woman? "

"No." In surprise, Mark turned to look at the closed door. After thinking for a while, he said, "no matter what she wants to do, don't stop her. Ask someone to follow her and protect her."

"But Miss Qin..."

"She didn't say anything. I guess she wants to solve it by herself." Although Mark had long believed that this woman was actually Jessie. He didn't want their relationship to become tense, nor did he want her to hate him.

No matter how nervous he was, he had to endure it.

Since Mark had made up his mind, Nick had no choice but to do as he was told.

"By the way, young master, we have checked Miss Qin's call records in the hotel. There is only one number. And the number is from X City. "

"X City?" Hearing that, Mark's eyes darkened and his heart began to feel uneasy. "Have you found out the specific location?"

Nick shook his head.

"Keep investigating," said Mark in a low voice

Sitting on the chair, Jasmine's mind was in a mess.

Although Aria didn't like her, Jasmine believed that Aria wouldn't kill her.

However, that was the truth. She believed that there was no need for Mark to lie to her.

She took out his phone and dialed a number. When the phone was connected, she asked coldly, "where are you now?"

Aria was surprised that Jasmine would call her. She chuckled and said, "didn't you ask Mr. Lawrence to transfer all of us back?" The implication was that she was not in German.

Jasmine was speechless. How could she forget about it.

Noticing that Jasmine didn't say anything, Aria asked, "Jasmine, have you made up

. "

Jasmine didn't want to say anything more. She felt as if her heart was cut by a knife, and she was overwhelmed with pain.

"I don't have any relatives anymore. He is the only person I can rely on in this world. I thought he would really love me for a lifetime, but why..." Jasmine couldn't figure it out.

She was angry, confused and remorseful. She knew that it was not a coincidence, and half of the responsibility lay on her.

But she just didn't understand why! It was Aria, not someone else!

Mark reached out and held her in his arms tightly.

Mark felt her trembling body and his heart ached.

Jessie, come back, okay?

I have been waiting for you for three years, waiting for you to come back to me.

I'll wait for you to spend the rest of my life with me all the time.

"Jasmine, promise me that you will be good to yourself in the future and don't let yourself suffer any grievance, okay?"

Jasmine broke free from his embrace and stared at him blankly with her red and swollen eyes.

Mark reached out his hand and gently wiped the tears off her face. He held her tearful face in his hands and stared at her silently.

His heart raced.

He couldn't help but kiss her.

When he was about to kiss her, Jasmine suddenly turned her face aside and said, "I'm sorry."

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