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   Chapter 220 Let Me Protect You

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"Someone wants to kill me?" Jasmine was stunned. She was always kind to others, and she didn't even have some friends. Who would hate her so much and kill her!

"Well, you must be kidding. It's normal for snakes to appear on the mountain. How could you think it's so serious? "

"I'm not kidding." With a serious look on Mark's face, the seriousness in his eyes made Jasmine a little scared. "The snakes that bite you are not ordinary snakes. They are the strongest among all the venomous snakes, and they belong to Australia. Do you think those snakes will climb over by themselves since Australia is so far away from here? "

"…" Jasmine stared at him blankly for a while and said, "even if they did it on purpose, how did they know where I was going?" She wouldn't have agreed to watch the sunrise with Mark if she hadn't made a phone call with Lawrence.

If what Mark said was true and someone wanted to kill her, how did they know her schedule?

Could it be that those people who wanted to kill her had the ability to predict?

Hearing that, Mark didn't say a word and his brain was running fast.

"In fact, it's not difficult to explain this question. As long as they want to kill you, they will definitely send someone to monitor you."

Mark's sharp eyes narrowed dangerously, and he exuded a strong murderous will.

If it weren't for Mark was there, Jasmine would have died a horrible death!

"Jasmine, I think you'd better have someone to protect you now. You are still alive after being bitten by a snake. I believe that those people won't let you go so easily. You must be very careful. " Mark reminded her.

Jasmine looked at Mark sideways with suspicion in her almond shaped eyes.

Was it really that serious?

"Well, the bodyguards have been driven back by me..." Seeing that Mark didn't say anything, she explained, "when I returned to the hotel, I called my fiance. He asked me to go back, and I exchanged conditions with him. I said I'll stay here for three days and ask him to withdraw all the bodyguard

…" Isn't it?

With a grim face, Mark approached him with a sense of danger. With his hands on the armrest of the chair, he trapped her in his arms.

Jasmine looked at Mark defensively and leaned back until there was no way back.

"What... What do you want?" Her voice was trembling and timid.

"I don't want to do anything."

"Then you, you..."

All of a sudden, Mark's arm bent and his body sank. Jasmine thought he was going to kiss her, but when she bit her lips and turned her face away, Mark suddenly stopped and a charming voice came into her ears with a warm breath.

"I'm only gentle to the one I love."



"Come in." Mark straightened up, and Jasmine also adjusted her sitting position.

When Nick came in and saw Jasmine, he looked a little hesitant.

"Just tell me what you have found out," said Mark.

"I've checked in the air administration bureau that a private plane from Australia with such a snake in it. They have informed the relevant departments to investigate and confiscate a large number of creatures, but a small part of them has still been lost. " Nick handed the report to Mark and said, "this plane is exclusively owned by a lease company, and the lease person's name is an American woman named Aria Rui."

"Aria?" Jasmine's eyes widened in disbelief.

"Do you know her?"

Jasmine," ..."

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