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   Chapter 216 It's All Because Of Love

Bullet In The Heart By Mo Ruoxi Characters: 7040

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Lawrence, who was still concentrating on his work, stopped working when he heard the voice of Jasmine. He asked nervously, "Jasmine, where have you been today? I heard that you almost got hurt at the gate of the hotel today. Are you okay, do you need to go to hospital? "

"I'm fine." Jasmine said indifferently. She didn't want to mention it, because Lawrence didn't need her to tell him how she was doing every day. Anyway, he knew everything about her.

He even knew better than herself.

I'm fine.

Such an indifferent and strange answer. Again.

Lawrence didn't know since when their relationship had become like this. He had been chasing after her and she had been fleeing. No matter what he had done, all his love in her heart had become pressure. All his good for her had ended up with her not caring, but even disgusting and annoying.

In the past, they would never be like this. At that time, he loved her and she relied on him.

Lawrence thought for a while and said, "Jasmine, it's time to come back. You have left me and been in Germany for more than half a month. "

There was a hint of pleading in his gentle tone.

This was the longest separation between them in the past three years. He could tolerate all her shortcomings, but he would never tolerate her leaving him so willfully.

"Jasmine, I know I have many shortcomings that you can't bear. But no matter what problems there are, let's solve them together, okay? Don't leave me willfully. I know you don't like me to send people to follow you, but I have no choice. As soon as you are not with me, I am worried about you. I can only send people to follow you and report your situation, so that I can know that you are good or not. Come back. As long as you come back, I'll take bodyguards back. "

"Really?" Jasmine sneered, "Lawrence, I really don't want to argue with you over this matter anymore. Since I woke up, every time I told you that I don't like them to follow me and I don't want you to know everything about me from them. You can ask me yourself. We are equal. I'm not your private goods. I need friends.

ys, she was very upset.

"Ouch, Jasmine, what are you thinking about? Why did you agree to go back? Aren't you going to Africa? If you go back like this, will he let you go? Howl! "

Jasmine crazily lay on the sofa with her arms around her head.

After sending Jasmine back to the hotel, Mark drove to TP.

"Why are you alone?" Carl asked.

"Then how many do you think?"

Then, Mark walked to the sofa and sat down. Carl poured him a glass of wine and said, "I thought you would bring that woman here. I heard that you are chasing after her now. "

"Her name is Jasmine, not that woman." As he spoke, Mark raised his head and drank the wine in one gulp.

"Yes, yes." Carl chuckled, "although I don't like Jessie very much, I really feel sorry for her now. When Jessie was alive, you didn't even give her a polite gift. Now she was gone, but you chased a woman who looked like her every day. If she knows it, she will probably be pissed off by you. "

"If you don't speak, no one will take you as a mute!"

Hearing that, the face of Mark darkened. Carl immediately stopped talking and drank alone.

"Carl, ask them to bring me the wine."

Someone's vague words mixed with a heavy smell of alcohol. Looking sideways, Mark saw that John was shaking an empty bottle in front of him.

"What's wrong with him?" asked Mark.

Carl sighed, "it's all women's fault."

Mark," ..."

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