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   Chapter 213 Not Her

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Sharon lowered her head and felt suffocated.

"I believe that you have Jessie and Jessie loved you before. What would you think if the person you love takes you as a substitute?"

They didn't know if it was because what Sharon said was deeply rooted in the heart of the people, or because they couldn't find a reason to refute, everyone just lowered their eyes and didn't say anything.

Sharon glanced at them and said, "I'll fly back tomorrow morning. Enjoy yourselves. I'm leaving now." Then she stood up and left.

Go home tomorrow?

Hearing that, John's mind became tense. He said to Mark, "Leave her alone. She has been in her period recently." All of a sudden, he stood up and ran after her.

Everyone was flustered. It was obvious that John was "defeated".

Caleb picked up the wine, took a sip of it and said, "I agree with what Sharon said. It's unfair to Jasmine." If she was Jessie, no matter what Mike did, there would be no problem; but if not, why did he involve an outsider.

"Do you also think that there are two completely identical people in the world?" Raising his eyebrows, Mark asked. "Jessie is Ken's granddaughter. At that time, the Qin family only gave birth to a girl, so she didn't have twin sisters at all. Even if there are two people who look alike in the world, look at Jasmine. Is that just because they look alike? "

Regardless of whether he should get close to Jasmine or not, even if she wasn't Jessie, he had to find out who she was!

Mike had thought that as long as he found out her information, he would be able to solve all the doubts. However, he didn't expect that he didn't find her!

Mark squinted his sharp eyes and stared at somewhere.

How could Nick not find any information?

"Nick, are you sure you have found out everything?" Mark asked again.

"I've investigated her several times, both at home and abroad, but I still can't find her," Nick said

"Aren't she and Sharon schoolmates? You don't

d? If you feel tired, don't do it! Since you had to do it, you should be more careful. The hotel don't need a worker like you. "


When he saw the arrogant look on Mark's face, he was furious. He stretched out his fist and tried to hit Mark, but was stopped by Mark.

"If you dare to do it again, I will send you to prison immediately!"

Seeing the fury in Mark's eyes, Jasmine sighed.

"Well, stop! I'm the victim. Let me say something, okay?" Jasmine took a look at Mark and said, "He didn't mean to do that. Besides, he has apologized to me and I'm not injured. Let's forget it. But I'm curious. Manager, don't you have a backdoor? Why did the delivery come in from the front door? I'm lucky this time, but if you accidentally hit someone and died of injury, what are you going to do? "

"Miss Qin, here is the thing. The goods are supplied to us through the back door, but the back door is broken and it is still being repaired. So... It's our fault. I'm really sorry. "

"You must be careful next time. Forget it this time." After saying that, she looked at the frightening anger on Mark's face and said, "Aren't you looking for me for something? Why don't you get in the car? Do you want to stand there as the light pillar? "

With a snort, Mark was dragged into the car by Jasmine.

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