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   Chapter 212 She Was Just a Substitute of Her

Bullet In The Heart By Mo Ruoxi Characters: 6341

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"Sorry, I'm not her." Jasmine said blandly. Although it was the first time they met today, Jasmine didn't hate the man in front of her. Instead, she felt inexplicably sorry for him.

She didn't want to be a substitute, nor did she want him to be immersed in such an illusion.

He let go of her.

Jasmine said, "Mr. Mark, maybe I look like Jessie very much, but I think you must know that I'm not her. If you just want to use me to cherish the memory of that girl, no problem of course, but the reality can't change. You should face the reality. It's impolite to hug a girl like this. I hope you won't do that again. Well, I have to go back now. Please tell the bride for me and thank her for her invitation tonight."

After taking a deep look at him, Jasmine turned around and was about to leave. All of a sudden, Mark called her from behind.

"What's wrong?" Jasmine turned around. Mark said, "Let me drive you home. It's getting late. You're a girl and you're not familiar with this place. It's not safe."

Jasmine thought for a while and said, "No, thanks. I've been here for almost half a month. I can go back by myself."

Her obvious refusal made Mark feel a little disappointed.

She was right. A good girl would not ask someone to send her home the first time they met.

In particular, she was such an insecure and defensive person.

"Okay, I'll ask the hotel to get a taxi for you." When Mark was about to take out his business card, he thought of the man in black who had been driven away by her. He took it back. "Be careful on your way home."

Jasmine nodded. She turned around and left.

"Mark, what are you looking at?" John walked towards Mark, looked in the direction of Jasmine and said, "She is gone. She's still different from Jessie."

Mark looked at him. John scratched his head and said, "Although they look like each other very much, look at this woman.

e without scruple. But what about later? Maybe love is dispensable to you, and women are more like clothes to you. You can dump them as you like. But don't forget that those who play with love will eventually be fooled by love one day."

"What did you say, Sharon? Wasn't Mark good enough to Jessie? Stop pointing at him and abusing others here. Do you think I don't know you are talking about me?" John was pissed off. They could talk about their relationship in private. Why did she have to get him involved in everything?

All of a sudden, Sharon felt ridiculous.

"John, I don't have to get you involved. Everyone in the world knows what you have done. I'm talking about Mark. It has nothing to do with you! Do you think you are so charming that everyone wants to have something to do with you?"


"Mark, I know you love Jessie very much. We have seen that for the past three years. But I want to say that if you really want to pursue Jasmine because they look like each other, you'd better not. Even if you really were together with her and completed all the things you hadn't done with Jessie, she was not Jessie anyway. You feel comfortable to have a woman who loves you as a substitute in your heart, but do you care about her feelings?"

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