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   Chapter 210 A Happy Look

Bullet In The Heart By Mo Ruoxi Characters: 6536

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"Are... Are you calling me?" 'They must have mistaken me for someone else, 'Jessie thought. "I'm sorry. My name is Jasmine. I'm not Jessie. I'm traveling here."


In astonishment, Mark let go of her and stared at the woman who looked exactly like Jessie.

"What's your name?"

"Jasmine Qin."

"What do you say? You are not Jessie? " Rachel was shocked. "It's exactly the same as Jessie. How could there be two people in the world who look like each other?"

Jasmine looked at the handsome men and beautiful women in front of her, wondering who they were talking about.

"I'm sorry. I'm not Jessie the one you are talking about. I'm traveling here."

As soon as John and Sharon came over, Jasmine finally saw a familiar face. With admiration in her eyes, she called out, "Sharon!"

"Do you know Sharon?" Jasmine nodded and said, "yes, she graduated from medical school of our school. The people with good grades are all God like characters."

Sharon," ..."

Everyone looked at Sharon as if asking, "why can she know her, not them?" ...

With an innocent look on her face, Sharon asked, "do you know me just because I graduated from your school?"

"Yes, or what?"

Everyone," ..."

Seeing that no one spoke, Jasmine looked at Rachel and said, "I'm so lucky to receive your bouquet, because my fiance and I are going to get married soon. I also hope to have the same happiness as you. "

Rachel," ..."

She turned to look at Mark. His face was as dark as ink. Anyone could feel how sad he was now.

Suddenly, an idea came to Rachel's mind. She said, "by the way, since you have received my bouquet, you can also come to our dinner tonight and drink our wedding bar."

"Well..." Seeing her hesitation, Rachel immediately put pressure on her. "Haven't you heard that the person who received the bouquet won't realize his wish if he doesn't drink the bride's wedding wine? No matter for your love or for your happin

hese two people have some endocrine disorders recently, so they are emotionally unstable." ...

"You are insane, and your brain is insane. Otherwise, you wouldn't have gone to Africa." Said John.

Clenching her teeth, Sharon glared at him and said, "Dare you say it again. What's wrong with me going to Africa? Did I get in your way? If you are angry, you can vent it. I promise ladies around you will take good care of you. Why are you angry with me? John, I still remember what I said. If you're not crazy or fall in love with me, why are you so nervous that I'm going to Africa? "

"I..." 'When did she become so eloquent? I couldn't find a word to stop her!'

Jasmine couldn't help laughing. Although the two of them were quarreling all the way, people could feel strong love and envy.

Today, she seemed to be particularly envious of others. Whether it was the new couple at the wedding or the two enemies in front of her, she felt that they were so happy.

She thought that if there was a person in her life who could be together with her for the rest of her life, or if there was an "enemy", quarreling and laughing every day, it would be the greatest happiness in her life.

However, no matter what happened, she didn't deserve it.

Was her happiness really only like this now?

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